The math series

Solving for disruption in the US electric power industry

Electricity consumption may be declining over the long term for the first time in the history of the US electric industry—while at the same time the cost to generate and deliver electricity is rising. This will raise the cost per kilowatt hour of electricity, creating a dilemma that will combine with other disruptive forces such as rapidly developing technologies, evolving regulatory requirements, and rising customer demand for new products and services. Together, these forces suggest a high potential for disruption in the industry and the need for new business models to meet customer needs and demands. Yet barriers, both internal and external, are substantial.

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The math does not lie: Factoring the future of the US electric power industry

The first paper in The math series provides a straightforward approach to examining the future of the US electric power industry through a mathematical framework.

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Beyond the math: Preparing for disruption and innovation in the U.S. electric power industry

The second paper offers electric sector stakeholders a way to think about the industry’s coming evolution so that they can determine if, when, and how to pursue transforming their business models. It also challenges stakeholders as to whether their organizations have what it will take to break the constraints to true innovation and move confidently toward a profitable, successful future.

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The new math: Solving the equation for disruption to the US electric power industry

Third in the series, the final paper examines the fundamental shifts already occurring in the electric industry’s “license to do business.” It also sets forth frameworks designed to assist in analyzing and monitoring critical marketplace dynamics, as well as to serve as platforms for the creation of new business models required to confront the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead for the electric power industry.

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