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A webcast series on the impact of COVID-19 on oil, gas and chemicals

A look at finance, supply chain, M&A, workforce impact and technology

Challenging times and difficult business environments can trigger fresh ideas and new ways of thinking. Deloitte’s Oil, Gas & Chemicals practice has introduced a series of virtual fireside chats focused on the critical issues and opportunities for the sector—now and into the future.

Navigating the impact of COVID-19 on chemicals and materials—July 10

The chemicals and materials sectors span applications from automotive to medical devices to institutional cleaners. A sector with such broad economic exposure may be affected by changes from COVID-19. Depending upon the course of the pandemic and the impact on economic conditions, there will likely be both threats to vulnerable business models and opportunities for growth and transformation.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore findings from one-on-one interviews with industry executives
  • Access in-depth research and scenario analyses that examine the trends and opportunities for companies across the chemicals and materials ecosystem
  • Gain a better understanding of key trends likely to accelerate due to the crisis
  • Acquire strategies for reshaping demand and supply across industries
  • Learn uncertainties that should be considered in strategy and business planning

Navigating the impact of COVID-19 on chemicals and materials

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Creating supply chain resilience using data science and new ecosystems—June 19

Supply chains are highly sophisticated and can create a competitive advantage. But, particularly during periods of disruption, supply chains can be increasingly vulnerable—with more opportunities for failure and less margin of error for absorbing delays and disruptions. Now is an important time for oil and gas operators to dive deep into their supply chains to gain better visibility, identify weaknesses and opportunities, and create a plan to sustain healthy, thriving operations.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn opportunities to leverage technology to identify and mitigate supply chain risks
  • Hear potential recovery scenarios for the next 18 months and how your business could be impacted
  • Learn how to develop and execute a plan to recover from unanticipated supply chain disruptions

Creating supply chain resilience using data science and new ecosystems

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Navigating the financial impact through operations, liquidity and capital resources—May 29

The oil and gas industry is no stranger to a downturn, but the global pandemic—alongside a severe drop in oil prices—has put some companies in an unprecedented financial position. Whether companies are looking to sustain already strong balance sheets or emerge from a financial setback, the right strategy can help mitigate future risks and position companies for long-term financial success. This fireside chat focuses on navigating financial impact for the upstream segment, while also addressing current market conditions in the midstream, downstream, oilfield services and chemicals segments.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Hear the current economic outlook for oil, gas and chemicals companies
  • Learn trends in key areas, including debt, bankruptcies, capital investments, and employment and explore their broader impact on the value chain
  • Dive deeper into operations, liquidity and capital resources and how to formulate a strong financial strategy

Navigating the financial impact through operations, liquidity, and capital resources

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