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5x5: Uncovering misconduct and compliance violations in electronic communications (eComms)

Insights and actions on how organizations can actively monitor eComms for compliance risks

Traditionally, eComms monitoring has been a keyword search-based task, making it difficult to efficiently or effectively identify risks due to voluminous hits, which are mostly false positives. Today, where virtually every form of business communication is electronic, this challenge is growing. Explore five insights and actions that organizations can adopt to help focus their efforts toward bringing a proactive eComms compliance monitoring strategy to life.

eComms compliance monitoring strategies that see potential risks before you do

Technology is advancing, helping organizations proactively find indications of possible compliance violations and misconduct through their eComms stream using analytics and machine learning. The result? Organizations across a range of industries are taking a fresh look at ways to monitor their eComms for early signs of potential wrongdoing.

Discover strategies to help you proactively identify potential compliance violations and misconduct within your organization’s electronic communications stream.

e-Communications compliance monitoring

Insights and actions: e-Communications compliance monitoring

5 insights you should know 5 actions you can take
Electronic communications monitoring plays a crucial role. Public scrutiny is on the rise, with a greater emphasis on the personal accountability of executives. As the volume of electronic communications increase, manual review of such communications can be inefficient and even ineffective. Embrace sophisticated analytics. Regulators are using analytics to look for patterns of potential violations. Develop advanced capabilities for capturing and analyzing data, aimed at reducing the incidence of false positives. Prioritize and focus review workflows using machine learning models.
Effective solutions can make the difference. Effectively tracking electronic communications is more than a focus on meeting regulators’ expectations. A monitoring solution that flags potential issues may mean the difference between containment and crisis. Invest in effectiveness. Create a centralized function—independent from the business—dedicated to review, disposition, and escalation. Effective, independent monitoring has the potential to catch small problems before they turn into big ones.
It may be less expensive to manage electronic communications data consistently. Dealing with misconduct after the fact consumes a lot of time and resources, as groups such as compliance, investigation, and internal audit typically become involved. Focus on consistency. Establish consistent , continuous monitoring of electronic communications systems to provide management the ability to focus on real risks sooner, and the confidence to limit overly broad and inefficient monitoring approaches.
It’s worth the effort to future-proof. Monitoring technologies have been around for a while, but they often rely on techniques that are prone to false positives and may provide partial coverage; that limited ability comes under stress as data types and volumes increase. Adopt innovative solutions. Address challenges proactively, adapt amid disruption , and keep pace with expectations. Remember that advanced technology solutions still take time and effort to enable. Arrive at a selection as thoughtfully as possible with emerging requirements in mind.
There's no one-size-fits-all solution. Modern e-communications monitoring tools are highly nuanced and complex. Few are plug-and-play. Customization is required to address different situations, standards, and data sources. Consider nuances. Address and embrace nuances of linguistics and communications metadata to move from reviewing a stream of false positive search results to gaining control over your e-communications compliance process.

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