Deloitte Information Governance Services

Services designed to help capture, classify, and maintain data

More than ever, performance depends on the ability to quickly harvest value from information. But the sheer volume of data that modern organizations produce can drive operational and storage costs up while increasing the exposure in the event of a data breach. Learn more about the role that Information Governance plays in helping organizations turn their data into a net advantage.

Information Governance Framework

Our Information Governance practice is a leader in helping organizations manage the risk and complexity that comes from managing, using and disposing of company data. Our guiding principle for delivering Information Governance services is to help our clients develop sustainable, agile, and scalable processes that can align to changing business and technological requirements. Because of the work we have performed, our clients trust us to help address their data needs such as:

  • Data privacy and regulations
  • Data protection
  • Data management
  • Business operations

With our specialized knowledge in the field, along with successful client experiences, our Deloitte professionals can provide transformative insights and action plans to help our clients achieve data management success.

Information Governance Services

Getting performance on track with smart data management

The amount of data organizations produce and manage is the largest it has ever been, with no signs of slowing down. Being in possession of this volume of data can create questions around cost, risk, and governance. Learn more about the things to know and the actions to take when it comes to smart data management.

Getting performance on track with smart data management
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