The importance of a reinsurance data management strategy

Six steps to leverage your data for maximum impact

Harness the full potential of a reinsurance data strategy. Advancements in technology and business intelligence—powered by data—are transforming the industry. Now reinsurance organizations can take a proactive stance on risk mitigation and capital management strategies. This paper shares six steps designed to set up a reinsurance data management program and process that is aligned across all stakeholders.

The first step may be the hardest

Although reinsurance portfolios are becoming more sophisticated, many are still managed using a combination of outdated technology and manual processes. From inconsistent historical data with seemingly unbridgeable gaps, to data that is dispersed in many locations or in unstructured formats, organizations are challenged to facilitate strategic decision-making.

As outlined below, you can begin to remedy this fractured approach with a six-step process that can help your organization mitigate risk, drive better outcomes, and drive profitable growth in the future.

Six steps for designing a reinsurance data management program

The six-step process designed to build a reinsurance data management program

How Deloitte can help

Deloitte's reinsurance services are designed to bring together reinsurance, analytics, data, and finance to power business intelligence. We work with organizations, at any juncture, in the data transformation journey. Whether your organization is just getting started or needs to refine an existing reinsurance data program, we’d be excited to work with you.

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