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Forensic investigation services

Technology-driven, on-call global investigation services

Functions responsible for corporate investigations are increasingly pressured to do more with less. Learn how our On-Call Investigation Services can help augment your capabilities in response to legal and regulatory matters around the world.

A legal department conundrum

Beyond risk management and compliance, any corporate function with responsibility for investigations is increasingly expected to be more integrated, growth-focused, and globally proactive. Yet they should also be responsive to the varied needs of the enterprise, which often means efficiently and rapidly scaling resources up or back. In other words, they’re expected to do more with less.

Designed for rapid deployment, technology-enabled delivery, and predictable costs, Deloitte’s On-Call Investigation Services can help augment your forensic accounting and investigations capabilities around the world.

We have in-depth investigations experience in many different industries and can provide insights that can influence the direction and pace of an investigation. And our specialists are well-versed in local cultural, business, law enforcement, and legal environments and practices.

Key advantages of our forensic investigation services

Having worked closely with legal, compliance, internal audit, and investigations departments in leading global organizations, we’ve developed an effective formula for centralized global investigation management that includes:

  • Flexible staffing models to quickly assemble the right team at predetermined rates based on the nature of each investigation
  • A collaborative approach that emphasizes seamless engagement execution
  • Consistency in project execution through experienced US-based project management team and global forensic methodology tools
  • Local delivery, regional support, and global alignment so qualified resources are promptly deployed
  • Predictable and reliable project budgets and costs
  • Deep industry experience providing both proactive and responsive investigative program services
  • Access to subject-matter specialists and leading-edge technology, tools, and capabilities to support investigations


Wide-ranging capabilities, resources, and experience

With Deloitte’s On-Call Investigation Services, you can quickly augment your in-house team for: