Litigation and Trial Intelligence services

Powering the litigation lifecycle

Deloitte's litigation support provides trial intelligence services for jury research and selection consulting. If a case goes to trial, quickly gathering publicly available background information on prospective jurors can be pivotal in the selection of a jury. An effective litigation strategy also requires an understanding of the opposing parties, their claims and defenses, and the backgrounds of experts and fact witnesses.

Aggregated Data = Advantage

Deloitte’s Litigation & Trial Intelligence service leverages digital forensics along with our business intelligence and analytics capabilities to gather data—aggregated public record background information, social media data, and detailed demographic information—to provide legal teams with jury selection intelligence that goes beyond the traditional discovery process. This combination of real-time background research helps enable legal teams to make more informed strategic decisions throughout the litigation strategy.

Litigation & Trial Intelligence Services

Data-Driven Litigation Insights

  • Evaluate and eliminate jurors whose backgrounds, preferences, business or other relationships fail to serve the best interest of a client.
  • Uncover valuable insights about the backgrounds of opposing parties and witnesses.
  • Monitor juror and public social conversations and sentiment to help drive litigation strategy.

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