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Take a closer look at what's happening in the financial services industry

Our Closer Look series provides quick insights on deep dive issues. Learn what’s happening in the Banking & Securities, Insurance, Investment Management, and Real Estate markets in these short reads.

Brexit: Implications for US financial institutions: The world turned upside down?

​The decision by voters in the United Kingdom to exit the European Union, known as “Brexit,” was a surprising one. As a result, Financial Services Institutions (FSIs) in the UK and Europe will bear the brunt of this event over both the short and longer term. Read this series from the Deloitte Center for Financial Services to understand the impacts of Brexit for US banking and capital markets, commercial real estate, insurance, and investment management.

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What's on the horizon for Financial Services in 2016? Interviews with our industry leadership

The Financial Services industry is at the brink of disruptive innovation. While disruptive trends may not take shape until the longer term, 2016 will undoubtedly provide new challenges that executives need to stay in front of. The Deloitte Center for Financial Services conducted a series of interviews with our industry leadership to provide a view into expected trends and insights that may be on the horizon for 2016. These interviews provide expected trends across the industry:

  • Banking
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Hedge Funds
  • Insurance
  • Mutual Funds
  • Private Equity
  • Wealth Management

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Positioning for success in private equity: The umbrella partnership-corporation advantage

Based on the tax benefits this structure may provide, it is important for private equity firms and their portfolio companies to consider an UP-C during strategic exits, transaction structuring, and succession planning. How will you plan for the future of your business?

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Business development companies: Middle-market financiers of the future?

Learn risks, challenges, and opportunities for business development companies and how they may become the financiers of the future for the middle-market.

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Insurance Capital Standards cause stakeholders concern at IAIS meeting

Read this Closer Look for an overview of the IAIS meeting; general, valuation, capital resources, and capital requirements comments resulting from the proposed ICS; and suggestions on next steps for industry stakeholders to shape the debate, evaluate, and plan for the final proposal.

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Falling oil prices: Should banks be worried?

Read this Closer Look for an examination of the likely effects of low oil prices on different banking activities and potential strategic implications for banks.

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The Apple venture into NFC payments

How might the launch of the Apple PayTM mobile payments solution represent a change in the dynamic surrounding NFC-based mobile payments?

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What are the options for a US insurance group capital standard?

Learn the three approaches–including Group RBC, aggregated entity, and cash flow stress testing–to the insurance group capital standards and important considerations for each.

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Delivering client value in transaction banking

To get to a more profitable future, transaction banks need to differentiate themselves by understanding their clients' views on banking relationships.

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Mobile banking in a post-channel world: New vision and new strategies

How can banks increase mobile adoption rates, differentiate the mobile experience to boost customer loyalty, and move beyond cost savings to monetization?

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Mobile engagement: Insurers look to connect with consumers on the go

How can insurance carriers better capitalize on the unique capabilities of the mobile channel and rise to the mobile technology challenge?

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Investment management, mobility, and managing investor security concerns

How can investment management firms capitalize on the demographic of mobile users, many of which fall into the affluent or emerging affluent segment?

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Chinese investment in US real estate: Collaborate and benefit

Hear our analysis on the Chinese investment strategy in US CRE and ways in which US real estate players can benefit from the trend.

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