Managing Front Office Business Risks

Supervision, Surveillance, and Conduct

Conduct failings, including market manipulation schemes, impact financial markets across multiple jurisdictions. The related regulatory focus is expected to persist and financial services organizations will continue to face pressure to deter and manage poor behavior. These resources provide insight as you embrace a shift toward a sustainable, optimal, and digitally-enabled control environment.

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Market abuse outlook

An Overview of Global Regulatory Priorities and Focus Areas

Market manipulation is a key focus area for many regulators around the globe, with the two primary objectives being maintaining confidence in markets and reducing financial crime by means of spotting and prosecuting market abuse. However, regulatory regimes that oversee incidents related to market abuse and manipulation have varying governance flavors across countries, driven primarily by local market characteristics and history. Learn more in our latest point of view.

Market manipulation in digital assets

Digital assets have been touted as the catalyst for change in financial markets. They include, among others, cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, central bank digital currency, initial coin offerings, security token offerings etc. The growth of digital assets in the recent years has been monumental, but with growth and innovation comes a renewed concern for investor protection and maintaining market integrity, that needs to be addressed. Learn more in this article.

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