Tax data management

A foundation of sustainable tax compliance, planning, and examination support

​One of the biggest challenges for tax departments today is maintaining and being able to quickly retrieve critical, tax-relevant data and documents for tax authorities during examinations. What steps can you take to improve tax data management in order to strengthen audit defense activities, streamline tax compliance, and support tax planning?

Leading practices for tax data management

In this report, Deloitte discusses leading practices for data archiving and existing approaches for various enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. It addresses key distinctions between operational data archiving and tax record retention, sustainable practices for data and document retention, and trends in electronic records management.

The report also includes responses to polling questions posed to executives during a Dbriefs webcast on their organization’s strategy on tax record retention, primary tool for managing and tracking the dataflows during tax audits, and benefits they find most important in an electronic tax data management system.

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