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10 archetypes will likely reshape the Future of Health


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With an explosion of data and the emergence of consumers who want to understand and navigate their health choices, 10 archetypes are likely to emerge and power the Future of Health. The archetypes fall into three distinct but interconnected categories:

  • Data and platforms: the foundational infrastructure that forms the backbone of tomorrow’s health ecosystem, generating the insights for decision-making
  • Well-being and care delivery: made up of care facilities and health communities—both virtual and physical—that provide consumer-centric delivery of products, care, wellness, and well-being
  • Care enablement: the connectors, financers, and trust agents that help make the industry’s “engine” run

Tomorrow’s market leaders will likely play in one or more of these 10 key archetypes and could be the value drivers of the transformed health ecosystem.

Winning business archetypes in the Future of Health

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Source: Deloitte analysis

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