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5G edge as an operations transformation platform for health care providers

Develop a road map for successful implementation

Together, 5G and edge computing can enable hospitals and health care systems to improve patient experience, streamline their internal operations, and deliver next-generation therapeutics in pursuit of a more innovative and healthier future for all. Explore the power and potential of 5G, critical implementation considerations, and our stackable use case framework to help your organization better navigate its 5G edge transformation.

Unlocking the potential of data in health care with 5G

As patients are increasingly empowered to take charge of their own health, they’re generating vast amounts of data through various devices they use. This data can unlock the potential for insights and a 360-degree view of the patient, allowing providers to better diagnose and treat conditions, backed by evidence-based methods. Data is becoming increasingly FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable), allowing greater predictability of what the future holds for patients and their health. Real-world evidence and analysis have helped shape a world where predictive modeling can forecast outcomes and alter the course of disease. What will be a driving force behind this data-rich future of care delivery? Advanced networks that function on 5G and edge computing.

5G edge as an operations transformation platform for health care providers

The power of 5G applications in health care

Foundational shifts in the health care industry are presenting novel challenges for providers. As health care IT professionals juggle a dynamic priority list, choosing and implementing the right connectivity for the enterprise will likely become an increasingly critical decision with far-reaching impacts for future technology investments. Today’s hospitals should develop a strategy to manage large amounts of patient data spread across multiple platforms that may not be interoperable. Here are some of the benefits of 5G edge implementation:

  • Empowers patients to engage with their health data anytime, anywhere, sometimes using devices that they already own
  • Enables data sharing by supporting exchanges of large files, such as high-definition medical images or large data sets used by researchers, or other applications that require high bandwidth
  • Establishes a higher level of convenience for patients by enabling many parts of the care journey to shift to a home-based setting
  • Offers the low latency, high reliability, and mobility necessitated by next-gen hospital applications
  • Supports patients in making the right decisions for their health by enabling the delivery of personalized nudges and other interventions in real time

Five considerations for a successful 5G edge implementation

Health care leaders should keep the following considerations in mind as they embark on their 5G edge transformation:

Scaffolding transformation: Stackable use case framework

Our article “5G edge as an operations transformation platform” introduced the concept of “stackable use cases,” which focuses on platforms that can be leveraged across multiple applications by layering new, reusable technologies without having to build additional specialized platforms. As 5G and edge computing increasingly become part of the solution set for hospitals and other medical facilities, it will be important for health care organizations to strategically develop implementation road maps for infrastructure investments.

Learn how a methodical approach can benefit enterprises by offering flexible infrastructure that can easily be adapted to new applications. Download the full report to take a deep dive into four stacked use cases for an example hospital.

Gain a competitive edge in health care with 5G

5G edge provides flexibility to layer on additional technologies and applications via versatile foundational infrastructure and acts as a key enabler for other emerging technologies. As hospitals and health care systems look to what’s next on the digital health horizon, a thoughtful 5G and edge computing road map can position the organization to take advantage of transformational opportunities.

If you’d like to discuss how your company can successfully adopt 5G applications or you want to learn more about the future of health care technology in general, let’s set up a conversation.

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