The Deloitte Health Equity Institute


The Deloitte Health Equity Institute

Advancing health equity by translating our purpose into action

The Deloitte Health Equity Institute is committed to helping break down silos to advance equitable health outcomes at scale by driving action through community collaboration, analytics & insights and knowledge & evidence.

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Our purpose

Our nation has long faced a health equity crisis with enormous implications – a crisis that leaders across the US, and the globe, should act to address now. Structural racism and bias, deep inequities in the drivers of health (also known as social determinants of health), and structural flaws in the health system have led to a lack of health equity, disproportionately affecting racially and ethnically diverse individual

Recognizing the imperative for immediate and sustained effort to address these issues, and grounded in Deloitte’s acknowledgement of racism as a public health crisis, Deloitte established the Deloitte Health Equity Institute (DHEI) in 2021.

DHEI builds on our work with clients, a decade of impact made by our the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, and our perspective on how life sciences and health care organizations can activate health equity.

Deloitte Health Equity Institute latest news

Racism and bias in health care

Fortune Magazine Op Ed

My story as an object, observer, and offender, by Dr Kulleni Gebreyes.

Vaccine Hesitancy: Offering Actionable Solutions for Healthcare Leaders

Healthcare Innovation Group

In this article, two leaders at Deloitte Consulting LLP, Kimberly Myers, Ph.D., and Jitinder Kohli, describe some of the strategies that can be successfully applied.

‘The Price We Pay’: How Can Your ZIP Code Determine Your Life Expectancy?

Charlotte Talks Podcast

In a recent episode of CharlotteTalks, Deloitte leader Dr. Kulleni Gebreyes discusses the social drivers of health, research from DHEI, and more.

Race & Health Care Inequities And How We Should Approach Eliminating Such Disparities

Managed Healthcare Executive

Dr. Kulleni Gebreyes discusses race, healthcare inequities, her career, and the work of the DHEI in a three-part video series interview with managing editor Peter Wehrwein.

Our commitments

DHEI is dedicated to creating public good through community collaboration and investment, data and analytics expertise, and knowledge developmen

Community Collaboration

Working with organizations across sectors to advance health equity

DHEI is focused on collaborating with local and national organizations across the public, private, and social sectors to advance health equity. We have developedan array of collaborations across the country to address the health disparities exacerbated by COVID-19 and the underlying causes of inequitable healthoutcomes.

Knowledge & Evidence

Sharing to help organizations create meaningful impact

Research and Perspectives

Gain insight into eminence and publications with Deloitte’s our perspective on health equity topics below. Our health equity page features additional perspectives, research and points of view to help organizations design and build systems that accelerate positive health outcomes for all. Sign-up to receive news from Deloitte’s Health Forward Blog.

Activating health equity

A moral imperative calling for business solutions.

Amplifying Black voices

What health care organizations can do to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workforce.

Mobilizing toward health equity

Action steps for health care organizations.

Rebuilding trust in health care

What do consumers want—and need—organizations to do?


DHEI’s playbooks, helping organizations improve pandemic response, provide actionable tools, recommendations and frameworks to help enable publicand private organizations to understand how to take action to advance health equity. Sign up to be alerted when we add new playbooks on the latest healthequity topics and leading practice

Analytics & Insights

DHEI is dedicated to making data and analytical tools publicly available to support the work of community-based organizations and those on the ground advancing the health equity. We are applying proprietary analytics platforms to mobilize action to drive health equity in particular geographies and target interventions.

Recently, the DHEI collaborated with Surgo Ventures to provide an additional layer of data to it’s COVID-19 Community Vulnerability Index (CCVI). This index, displaying which US communities may be less resilient to the impacts of the pandemic, now includes elevated health risk data for COVID-19. With this additional layer of data, powered by Deloitte’s HealthPrism technology, the CCVI predicts which populations are at risk for certain health conditions identified by the CDC as being risk factors for COVID-19 related complications. Access Surgo Venture’s CCVI here.

Advancing health equity on a global scale

Deloitte is dedicated to helping close the inequity gap in the pursuit of health and well-being for all. Learn how member firms around the world are helping to activate health equity.

India Health Equity Institute

South Africa Health Equity Institute

Interested in learning more about the Deloitte Health Equity Institute and our mission?
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About us

If you’d like to talk more about health equity topics and issues, or learn how we can help you work toward better health outcomes, contact us to set up a conversation.

Dr. Kulleni Gebreyes, director of the Deloitte Health Equity Institute

Dr. Kulleni Gebreyes has over 20 years of health care experience across the commercial and public sector. She holds an MD from Harvard Medical School and an MBA from Johns Hopkins. Dr. Gebreyes has developed and implemented strategies for population health management and value-based care, physician alignment and patient activation, diversity, equity and inclusion, and the drivers of health. She is an active advocate for vulnerable and underserved communities.

Get in touch

Kulleni Gebreyes
Principal, Deloitte Consulting
+1 980 701 3306

In the news

Deloitte names Kulleni Gebreyes Director of the Deloitte Health Equity Institute

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The Health Equity Institute is the collaborative effort of a deeply committed and passionate team, without whom our work would not be possible.

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