Acceleration of the connected experience

Connectivity and customer expectations

Technology continues to become more symbiotic with individuals’ connected lifestyles and compelling consumers to evaluate brands and products using the interactions they experience through smartphones, tablets, apps and other connected devices. Using technologies to integrate with consumers’ connected lifestyles, industries such as retail, consumer packaged goods, banking and many others are ultimately enhancing customer experiences and building long-term brand loyalty.

Connected technologies

Technologies that can seamlessly connect vehicles and consumers daily lives will likely serve as key enablers in defining the vehicle ownership experience — and those connected technologies have the potential of fundamentally changing the traditional customer life cycle. Vehicle connectivity is also starting to transform the basis of competition beyond the product.

With the onset of autonomous driving vehicles possessing the ability for a vehicle to connect to other systems — there are four primary opportunities where technology will likely transform the automotive customer — tailored, improved, holistic and new.

This point of view highlights areas that OEMs and dealers should address for exceptional connected customer experiences, including:

  • How technology is transforming the automotive customer experience.
  • How a tailor made service-centric approach enables customer engagement today and in the future.
  • How improved automotive customer experience can be offered through connected technologies.
  • How to enable new business and ownership models that require expanded breadth and quality of the overall customer experience.
Acceleration of the connected experience


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