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The evolution of personal mobility in the auto industry

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Deloitte’s Automotive practice drives unparalleled insights on the future of mobility. We’ve compiled the most insightful, thought-provoking, and relevant insights to steer your way to success. From executive interviews to videos from Deloitte’s full day program at CES 2017, you’ll see a unique perspective on how personal mobility is changing the auto industry. If you’re interested in continuing the conversation, contact us.

Deloitte’s CES Personal Mobility Experience

Miss our CES 2017 discussion? Want to see it again? Here’s your chance.

Watch Deloitte’s full-day Automotive and personal mobility program hosted at CES 2017 and hear insights from executives representing an ecosystem of organizations working on mobility as they discuss topics that include:

Smart cities, smart states, smart mobility

The evolution of personal mobility in the auto industry

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On the go? Check out these short interviews with Deloitte’s most eminent thought leaders and industry executives.

Deloitte takes CES by storm

WJR’s Frank Beckmann joins Deloitte in Las Vegas for an exclusive broadcast from the floor at CES. Listen below to a series of podcasts, sharing the themes and changes coming down the road in the automotive industry.

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You don’t want to miss it. We are witnessing a sea change in the automotive industry.

– Frank Beckmann

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Exploration of the future of mobility

Joe Vitale, Deloitte’s global Automotive industry leader, with WJR’s Frank Beckmann, discuss personal mobility and consumers’ evolving transportation attitudes and interest in advanced technology vehicles. With insights into Deloitte’s Global Automotive Consumer Study, Joe shares consumers' preferences in vehicle technologies, their mobility choices, willingness to pay, and customer digital engagement.

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Today, you have to be everywhere. What do consumers want? And what problems are they trying to solve? When it comes to the debate to forego ownership for access, how do we make this happen?

– Joe Vitale

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Exploring consumer opinion on vehicle technologies

Craig Giffi, Deloitte’s US Automotive industry leader, with WJR’s Frank Beckmann, talks directly to Deloitte’s ongoing research regarding consumers’ interest on autonomous vehicles by demographics around the world, their preferences, and their willingness to pay for technology.

From 17 different countries, the study explores consumer perspectives across Baby Boomer, Gen X, and Gen Y/Z generations; cross-referencing their interests in technologies that are being developed, the safety of these technologies, whether they’re willing to pay for it, and how often are they willing to use various aspects of it.

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When you look at the data by country, technology seems to be most attractive in emerging and developing nations. In China and India, the interest in a fully autonomous vehicle is very high. In traditionally developed nations, it’s much lower, 42 percent of people are maybe interested in self-driving vehicles.

– Craig Giffi

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From the horse to the car

John Casesa, Group vice president, Global Strategy, at Ford Motor Company, explores the mindset of differentiating amongst other OEMs in the industry and how Ford can compete with consumer preferences. In addition, we hear from Scott Corwin, Deloitte’s Future of Mobility leader, discussing changes in the automotive industry and personal mobility overall.

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Where we are heading now is to a new form of mobility that will be intermodal, in a more seamless and integrated manner, with lots of different choices. And it creates lots of opportunities.

Scott Corwin

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From Atari to the Edge: The internet of things; making the invisible visible

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to fundamentally change how businesses and consumers operate. John Hagel, co-chairman, Deloitte LLP Center for the Edge, discusses how IoT enables organizations to identify where value will be created in their industry.

In addition, Michael Berube, Vehicle Technologies office director for the EERE, delves into the impact of energy consumption with the changes in autonomous vehicles.

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Technologies are evolving at a rapid rate – the challenge and opportunity we see for companies are how do you connect these technologies effectively?

– John Hagel

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Ralph Nader on fully autonomous vehicles: Too many variables and he isn't buying it….

Controversially, Ralph Nader, consumer advocate, author, and former presidential candidate, discusses his skepticism when it comes to fully autonomous vehicles in the automotive industry and the many variables that come into play.

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Fully driverless vehicles is just a fantasy for the next 30/40 years. There are too many variables you cannot take advantage of. To take the control of the vehicle completely out of the hands of the driver, and to expose the complex software to hacking from all directions anywhere in the world, will not be overcome in a few decades.

– Ralph Nader

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