How companies can improve value through M&A

Beating the odds

Learn about the four variables companies can leverage to improve value through mergers and acquisitions.

Achieving value in M&A transactions

It is logical to assume—rule of thumb or not—that a portion of M&A transactions may not add value. In response to recurring queries from clients, Deloitte undertook a research effort to help determine how to beat the odds and improve value through M&A. As part of its study, Deloitte analyzed the interplay among the four variables that were found to be statistically significant to the odds of addressing company’s requirements in M&A:

  • Acquiring at the correct time
  • Applying accumulated experience
  • Pursuing deals of an appropriate size relative to the acquirer
  • Funding transactions with equity or a mix of equity and cash

The study concludes with suggestions to address these recurring questions raised by Deloitte Consumer and Industrial Products (C&IP) clients and their boards.​

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