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Take a Friday coffee break with Mr. IoT

Curious about the world of connected devices and how they’re transforming how we live and work? Join us every Friday on YouTube for a lively, authentic, and informal conversation with some of the builders, dreamers, founders, parents and wild children of the Internet of Things (IoT) universe.


Each week watch Deloitte Consulting Chief Futurist Robert Schmid, aka “Mr. IoT,” interview guest specialists across the burgeoning IoT space about the technologies you want to know more about.

Guests include current and former luminaries in the IoT world, Deloitte leaders and practitioners who have worked on IoT projects, clients who have implemented IoT, and collaborators from our alliance network. Topics have covered Industry 4.0, smart buildings, smart cities, connected home, digital supply networks, IoT, AR, AI and machine learning, virtual assistants, standards, and more.

Each session is 25-30 minutes and is published every Friday on YouTube. Subscribe to the playlist to be notified of the latest episodes!

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