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Toward FITTER State Governments

When innovation is a process, efficiency is the benefit

Deloitte has a better way. Based on real-world experience both identifying and implementing large-scale transformation projects in several states across multiple agency programs as well as statewide, we have developed a program for government called fast improvements and targeted transformation for efficiency and results, or "FITTER." It’s a process you can use to help drive cost-effective change and increase revenues while improving reform and customer service at any scale.

The challenge

Traditional efforts to streamline state government face a host of obstacles: There are too many ideas and no consistent way to compare or prioritize them. Politics exert an influence that may have little to do with an idea’s merit. Previous failed projects may cast a shadow over new efforts. And even the soundest proposals can carry a cost. How can state leaders create the change that citizens and business need?

The answer

FITTER is an empirical, disciplined, results-focused approach supported by an established database of more than 2,000 improvement ideas across more than 20 categories aligned with the mission and business of state government. The approach helps government leaders focus on the ideas that carry the highest potential benefit for what they will cost, weighing implementation challenges at all levels, and ranking possible initiatives by their likely net value.

If you need to improve the performance of a specific program or agency, FITTER can make it happen. If you want a stem-to-stern overhaul of your entire government, FITTER is equal to the challenge. And to any challenge in between. Wanting to make government work better shouldn’t mean committing to a solution that’s bigger than the problem.

The process

Do you want to save money on public education so more resources find their way into the classroom? Make your human services easier for constituents to understand and use? Revamp a regulatory regime so it protects the public better but complicates business less? Your needs aren’t merely unique to you—they’re also very specific. FITTER starts with that understanding and follows a logical process to measurable outcomes.

FITTER has already identified and saved $7B+

Meet our Leaders

Christina Dorfhuber

Christina Dorfhuber

Public Sector Core Government Services Leader

Christina leads Public Sector Core Government Services for Deloitte Consulting LLP. She is responsible for managing the firm’s delivery in government cost reduction, customer relationship management, ... More

Steve Dahl

Steve Dahl

Finance Transformation and Cost Management Leader

Steve leads the Global Public Sector and US State Finance Transformation and Cost Management practice for Deloitte Consulting LLP. In this role, he helps develop the vision, strategy, design, and impl... More