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Driving Organizational Leadership, Talent, and Culture in Higher Education

Higher education HR transformation

Shaping employee culture, often on a very limited budget, is a challenge for any industry. This is especially true in higher education, where a school is only as strong as the quality and reputation of its faculty, students and staff. Deloitte recognizes that people are the most valuable part of an institution, and we work with human resource leaders to develop and implement human capital transformation strategies focused on talent development, organizational change, leadership development, employee experience, and talent transformation.

Our work in action: Clemson University EngagePath™ Case Study

Engagement is a key driver of the employee experience. Engaged employees have a passion for their work, are more productive, and contribute to the university’s mission. They act as avid ambassadors for the university’s culture and bring the brand to life. What drives engagement for today’s diverse, multi-generational workforce has changed significantly from what drove yesterday’s workforce. Understanding and activating these drivers is a strategic priority for 21st century university business leaders.

Clemson University EngagePath™

The Deloitte difference

As a leader in human capital, Deloitte provides a set of end-to-end services designed to focus on every aspect of the issues facing higher education CHROs. We help colleges and universities create organization-wide change, strengthening employee experience and developing plans to hire, develop, and retain a talented and engaged workforce. Our consultative teams combine organizational specialists with seasoned higher education professionals who understand first-hand the unique challenges of higher education. And our in-house HR product suite helps to accelerate strategies while offering quick access to valuable insights.

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