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State Government CIO Services

Reducing costs while providing better services to citizens. This is the challenge facing today’s government CIO. It’s also precisely where Deloitte can help. We’re a leading provider of services to CIOs in support of mission-led, technology-enabled transformation projects. From strategy through implementation, we help government agencies leverage the cloud, mobility, analytics, and cybersecurity capabilities to help drive down costs and deliver services to citizens–more efficiently and more effectively than ever.

Technology Trends 2018: The symphonic enterprise

Technical innovation across the globe continues to increase and redefine IT, business, and everyday life. In the symphonic enterprise, forward-thinking organizations are looking beyond one-off IT implementations in single domains—they’re evaluating the ways disruptive technologies can work in harmony to create something new and greater. This report provides a government-specific perspective on Deloitte’s 2018 Technology Trends report. Our aim is to provide a government lens on eight trends that are shaping strategic and operational transformations and redefining IT’s role within the enterprise.

Explore Technology Trends 2018: A government perspective.


2016 Deloitte-NASCIO Cybersecurity Study

The 2016 Deloitte-NASCIO Cybersecurity Study shows the rising importance of cyber risk in the eyes of governors and other state executives. Read the full report and explore survey results to gain valuable insights around some of the top takeaways: Governor-level awareness is on the rise; cybersecurity is becoming part of the fabric of government operations; and a formal strategy can lead to greater command of resources.

Learn more about the 2016 Deloitte-NASCIO Cybersecurity Study.


Cloud Transformation Services

Disrupt. Transform. Repeat. That’s the new normal. Done right, cloud not only drives that reality—it can turn it into your advantage. Deloitte’s end-to-end capabilities and understanding of state government and its agencies can help amplify the transformative value of cloud.

Our cloud services span requirements at every stage along the cloud journey, from planning to execution and management.

Learn more about state government’s journey to the cloud.


Deloitte Analytics

Smarter insights. Stronger outcomes. We believe that if you want to achieve stronger business outcomes, you need smarter insights to guide your decision making. That's exactly how we help many of the world's leading organizations every day.

Learn more about Deloitte Analytics Services.

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Application Modernization Services

Bringing new life to legacy systems. Digital technologies such as cloud, mobile, and cognitive are creating a world of new opportunities for businesses today, helping companies save millions, creating efficiencies, bettering quality, and promoting products. However legacy systems don’t always support them and with skilled workers retiring, legacy systems often become costly to support—making legacy modernization mission-critical.

Learn more about Application Modernization Services.

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Smart Cities

As massive, complex organisms, cities somehow manage to deliver services, move products and goods, protect us, educate us, and inspire us. But how can they do it smarter? The best plans for smart city solutions leverage technology to reduce risks and improve lives, all while keeping a sharp focus on privacy and cybersecurity.

Explore Smart City–Smart Nation.

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Helping government deliver

Our nation faces a variety of challenges. Solving them requires expertise, capabilities, and resources that reside in many organizations across government; they need to be shared, not duplicated in agency after agency. This report presents a vision of government transformation that moves beyond the familiar model of consolidating single functions (e.g., human capital, IT, financial management) to serve an organization. For more information

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