Cloud Security Management by Deloitte

Solutions to help enable cloud infrastructure security

Cloud-based platforms and applications are foundational to digital transformation, but they face constant security threats affecting every phase of the software development lifecycle. With Cloud Security Management by Deloitte, you can capitalize on transformation opportunities with end-to-end cloud security solutions that scale with your needs.

Common challenges of cloud security

When it comes to addressing these issues, many organizations find that their existing security solutions can’t keep up with the pace that the business wants to move to the cloud. They may also lack skilled resources to stand up cloud environments and manage them in line with security requirements. Still, another challenge is the inability for developers to accommodate non-standard security requirements and processes.

Cloud Security Management by Deloitte

Making cyber and strategic risk core to every phase of the software development lifecycle (SDLC)

To support digital transformation and cloud innovation, many organizations have sharpened their focus on integrated cloud, cyber, and AI strategies that can help them manage multifaceted risk and spearhead business enablement.

Many are aiming for a mature cloud security program with development and security teams that can assist with cloud security requirements at each stage, safeguarding cloud environments and proactively responding to adverse cyber events.

With this approach, security becomes a central business outcome for future cloud innovation strategies.

The journey to cloud maturity and business innovation

Cloud Security Management by Deloitte solutions

Cloud Security Management by Deloitte is an enterprise-grade set of solutions that facilitates end-to-end cloud security. It combines cloud-native security technology with experienced technologists, engineers, and operators to help boost the total power of the cloud to secure the cloud. We take care of maintenance while helping you achieve security outcomes and stay abreast of the rapidly evolving cloud space. Solutions can be consumed together or a la carte:

With Cloud Security Management by Deloitte, you can be better positioned to improve your cloud security posture and visibility while providing developers with a better experience that helps them be more productive. You also gain greater insight (via predictive analytics) into unknown threats and the ability to manage threats across the attack surface.

Use the power of the cloud to secure the cloud



Each solution within Cyber Security Management by Deloitte are able to be implemented and maintained for an end-to-end cloud security solution or can be provided individually to help you address specific challenges within your cloud environments.

A solution that works for you

We help protect your enterprise by bringing the technology to secure your cyber estate, enabling secure, intelligent operations while providing an efficient workforce that can work for you. In doing so, we help with business enablement, allowing you to be agile in modernization.

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