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Cognitive risk sensing

Get the intelligence you need, when it matters most

In today’s technology landscape, data and media access are omnipresent and instantaneous—and can spread like wildfire. More than ever, your brand perception is critical and can change with little notice. What if you could receive an early warning about third-party behavior that could jeopardize your supply chain? Or intelligence into threats that could damage your brand’s reputation? Explore how our cognitive risk sensing capabilities provide insight into just that.

Stay ahead of emerging events

To address pressing issues and critical threats, your organization requires the ability to collect and analyze vast amounts of external data. That’s just what cognitive risk sensing offers. It enables you to:

  • Interpret signals—of both threats and opportunities—more effectively
  • Understand the potential impact on your organization
  • Enhance the quality of insights by ingesting your organization’s internal data, when needed
  • Make smarter decisions for your company

Cognitive risk sensing can help your organization analyze the world’s available data to better anticipate emerging events and gain the intelligence to predict risks.

Receive relevant intelligence to help you make data-driven decisions

Powerful cognitive risk sensing capabilities

Our ability to help you proactively identify threats, access real-time data, and seize opportunities is built on:

The IRIS cognitive intelligence platform, which taps into more than 800,000 websites across more than 190 countries and 80 languages, processing more than 100 million social media posts per day Machine learning, natural language processing, and our proprietary library of ontologies, which can enable highly effective signal detection and risk prioritization
Intelligence analysts who augment our platform’s power with their industry knowledge to curate risk signals and provide actionable insights Read-at-a-glance dashboards and intelligence reports that provide insights about emerging threats and opportunities, delivered at the interval and tempo you request

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Insight across seven domains

The cognitive risk sensing platform provides intelligence across the following domains:

  • Financial: Risk of potential financial loss resulting from a breach of key indicators
  • Operational: Risks relating to products, services, and operational activities
  • Reputational: Risk of a potential tarnished reputation or loss of marketplace or investor confidence
  • Regulatory: Disruptions relating to trade, global markets, and regulatory change
  • Extended enterprise: Emerging risks and opportunities related to your third-party ecosystem
  • Strategic: Risks that could impede the organization’s ability to achieve its strategic objectives
  • Technological: Risks arising from technology disruptions, failures, and innovation

Cognitive risk sensing at work

Risk quantification and prioritization for a consumer products company
How might a reputational incident impact a multinational consumer products company’s brand? To get to that answer, our risk sensing platform provided intelligence on the company’s products, services, marketing campaigns, and operations. This enabled the organization to become more agile and proactive when prioritizing related emerging risks. A framework was also created to financially quantify the impact of sales on reputational risk across various high-impact scenarios.

Third-party risk management for a life science company
A multinational life science company was seeking greater risk intelligence on its third parties and suppliers. Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory screened thousands of suppliers. It now provides ongoing real-time monitoring of third-party risk to help the company proactively identify entity-specific risk events.

Sensing the global external environment for a restaurant company
For a global retail/restaurant corporation, gaining intelligence on emerging product safety, potential supply chain disruptions, and regulatory risk is a high priority. To support operational excellence, cognitive risk sensing is being leveraged across the globe to monitor external factors that could impact the company’s sourcing, delivery, and consumption of products.


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