Fusion Managed Services for Managed Threat Detection and Response

Addressing the cyber incident life cycle

As cyber threats grow in number and become increasingly more sophisticated, organizations recognize how difficult it is to manage the complexities of enterprise security. Evolving cyber challenges demand that organizations effectively monitor and detect intrusions, uncover new attack vectors, remediate vulnerabilities, and proactively hunt for threat actors—all while ensuring data protection. Learn how our solutions for managed threat detection and response can help.

Why use advance threat intelligence and threat monitoring?

Complicating the landscape, organizations face deficiencies in internal talent while at the same time needing to improve process quality and drive technology adoption across their enterprise threat management program. 
The convergence of these factors can be supported by working with a managed security services provider (MSSP). But how many vendors can provide economies of scale, global cyber experience, and technologically-sophisticated solutions across a broad range of managed threat monitoring, detection, response, and data protection capabilities?
Our Fusion Managed Services for managed threat detection and response provide advanced threat defense through a combination of sophisticated technologies and human intelligence to effectively monitor, detect, investigate, and respond to known and unknown attacks before they disrupt your business, all while safeguarding your data. Our industry-specific experience and technology assets bring the depth of knowledge and breadth of scale to our Fusion Managed Services.

Deloitte's Fusion Managed Services

Deloitte delivers our managed threat detection and response model to clients through effective cyber risk management that extends far beyond simple technology deployment. Our distinctive combination of security operations and incident response know-how provides our clients with a consistent experience of enriched and efficient contextualization of incidents, based on a unified view of their environment.

Fusion Managed Services addresses five areas of enterprise threat and data risk management:

  • Threat detection and response: Provides a detailed picture of the cybersecurity environment and offers the operations team insights to help them oversee and protect critical assets—from threat monitoring to assessment to triage and escalation of critical incidents, around the clock.
  • Attack surface management: Proactively detects vulnerabilities, identifies high-priority security and compliance issues, and orchestrates remediation efforts through asset identification, service fingerprinting, and vulnerability scanning.
  • Threat intelligence: Centralizes collection, storage, and analytics for day-to-day security operations center (SOC) actions, threat hunting, and incident response.
  • Threat hunting: Uncovers undetected threats, including an investigation into potential effects, to accelerate remediation efforts in a timely manner. Our highly experienced threat hunting team actively seeks out new attack patterns to identify attackers before they could potentially cause damage.
  • Data protection: Provides management of a program for threat monitoring, detection, and remediation against accidental or intentional data exfiltration and misuse, including oversharing in the cloud and transfer of valued data to personal cloud accounts.

Fusion Managed Services in action

How can our managed threat detection and response services help?

Our Fusion Managed Services are primarily delivered from the Cybersphere Watch Floor in Rosslyn, VA—the bedrock of our Fusion Services. The Watch Floor is a threat monitoring and reconnaissance powerhouse where our experienced professionals work 24/7 with other Deloitte centers around the globe to help clients monitor for cyber “storms” on the horizon so that they are better prepared to respond to industry-specific threats.

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