Case studies

Implementing new financial management systems

Redesigning core business processes

A mid-Atlantic state’s Office for the Chief Information Officer and Division of Budget engaged Deloitte Consulting LLP (Deloitte Consulting) to help it complete a strategic assessment project in preparation for their implementation of a new financial management system.

The challenge

Saddled with more than 30 financial management systems used by more than 60 agencies throughout the state, the Office for the Chief Information Officer and Division of Budget realized the importance of introducing a new, integrated system that could support every agency. Deloitte Consulting helped the state complete a strategic assessment project in preparation for the implementation of this new system.

The key objectives:

  • Bring state agencies together to promote consensus about the functional requirements
  • Redesign the core business processes
  • Define the vision of the state’s future financial system

How we helped

The Deloitte Consulting team, working collaboratively with the state’s team, conducted a thorough and structured analysis of the business and technical needs of users throughout the state. To assess the functional needs for the new system, the Deloitte Consulting and state teams moderated dozens of development sessions with hundreds of agency representatives who perform key financial management functions on a daily basis. These sessions helped to:

  • Build consensus among key stakeholders about how the system will function in the future environment
  • Facilitate the cataloging and prioritization of hundreds of functional requirements for the new system
  • Provide input to the redesign of key business processes to operate in the envisioned, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)-enabled environment
  • Develop a set of software scenarios to be used to test vendor’s ability to meet the state’s unique needs

Similarly, on the technical side, the Deloitte Consulting and state teams jointly surveyed and conducted one-on-one discussions with nearly every agency about the potential impact of the new ERP system on their system landscape.


Working with key agency staff members, the joint teams assessed all of the agency’s current systems and cataloged future interface and conversion needs. The requirements gathered from this effort will serve as a starting point for the detailed design and development/implementation of interface and conversion activities.

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