Operational transfer pricing

Enhancing insight and process management through technology

Multinational corporate tax departments often encounter inconsistent transfer pricing data from business units around the world, dramatically increasing complexity and staff workload, not to mention the potential for quarter- or year-end surprises. How can existing enterprise systems, new tools, and processes help tax departments overcome serious data and process issues?

Operational transfer pricing

​In this report, Deloitte discusses the evolving and increasingly important concept of operational transfer pricing. The report also examines the current transfer pricing environment, issues, financial system considerations, and ways to complement existing financial system capabilities.

In addition, the report includes responses to polling questions posed to executives during a Dbriefs webcast on how they would assess their organization’s risk or potential exposure related to transfer pricing issues, how prepared they are to comply with increased amount of guidance and transfer pricing requirements, their approach to pricing strategy and from a monitoring standpoint, whether they take a centralized or decentralized approach.

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