Indirect Tax

Deloitte professionals advise companies on a wide range of indirect taxes including value added tax/goods and services tax, sales and use tax, customs duties, excise duties, insurance premium tax, and more. Deloitte’s knowledge covers all aspects of these taxes including compliance and reporting, dispute resolution, consultancy, and opportunity identification and implementation.

​Indirect Tax (VAT or GST)

Value-added tax (VAT), goods and services tax (GST), sales and use tax and other similar taxes are broadly based on transactions, and liability will arise regardless of profitability. Because most countries impose these taxes, most transactions are affected. Deloitte can help with timely planning and the application of technology-based compliance management solutions. This can help clients reduce costs, manage tax compliance risk and at the same time increase confidence that nothing has been missed.
Our services include:

  • Indirect Tax Consulting
  • Indirect Tax for Financial Services
  • International Indirect Tax Compliance and Outsourcing
  • Transactional Consulting for Indirect Tax
  • Business Model Optimization for Indirect Tax

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Customs and Global Trade

Effective management of global trade decisions and obligations is of strategic significance to a company’s global supply chain. Deloitte has a market leading, worldwide network of Customs and Global Trade specialists experienced in global trade strategy, automation, export controls, and import/export compliance. Our professionals assist and provide advice planning structuring global transactions to reduce customs duty payments and other international trade costs, increase duty recoveries, and more.

We offer services in the following main areas:

  • Export Controls
  • Automating Global Trade
  • Trade Diagnostic
  • Trade Compliance & Controversy Services
  • Consulting
  • Business Model Optimization
  • Tax Management Consulting (TMC)

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