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2018 Technology Fast 500 Winners

Software companies dominate North America rankings

The Technology Fast 500 is the leading technology awards program. Combining technological innovation, entrepreneurship, and rapid growth, Fast 500 companies—large, small, public, and private—hail from cities far and wide across North America and are disrupting the technology industry. If you are looking for fast-growing technology companies releasing new, emerging technologies, you have come to the right place! Representing industries from software to biotech, Fast 500 companies play in the SaaS, cloud computing, data analytics, and mobile sectors.

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*Ranking list updated December 7, 2018.


Top five 2018 North America Fast 500 winners


Software | Madison, WI


Software | New York, NY

Shape Security

Software | Mountain View, CA

Periscope Data

Software | San Francisco, CA

Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Biotechnology/pharmaceutical | Pasadena, CA


Congratulations to the Deloitte 2018 Technology Fast 500 winners on this impressive achievement. These companies are innovators who have converted their disruptive ideas into products, services and experiences that can captivate new customers and drive remarkable growth. 

Sandra Shirai, vice chairman, Deloitte LLP and US technology, media, and telecommunications leader

Fast 500 Tableau dashboard: Analytics tool

Looking for trends such as which city has the most winners or maybe a listing of the top 10 companies in the software sector over the last five years? We invite you to spend some time with Fast 500 dashboard. It’s an easy way to quickly analyze, visualize, and share our rankings.

Explore the Fast 500 Tableau dashboard.

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Historical rankings

If you’re not ready for the power of Fast 500 dashboard, you can download the rankings from 2017 through 2010: 

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2016 winner brochure
2015 winner brochure
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From startup to IPO and beyond

Emerging growth companies are powering innovation in the broader economy. We expect many of these companies to become dominant in their categories or to create entirely new categories. Emerging growth companies place a premium on innovation in their own businesses, and they expect the same from the companies they work with, including their auditors. Learn more about how Deloitte's Emerging Growth Company practice can help your company or contact one of our leaders below to learn more about the essential services designed to foster change and innovation with entrepreneurial environments.

Mohana Dissanayake
Audit & Assurance
Deloitte & Touche LLP
LinkedIn | Profile and contact info
Heather Gates
Audit & Tax services for start-ups
Deloitte LLP
Twitter | LinkedIn | Profile and contact info
Sandy Pfeffer
IPO Readiness services
Deloitte & Touche LLP
Twitter | LinkedIn | Profile and contact info
Harvey Michaels
Consulting services for high growth companies
Deloitte Consulting LLP
LinkedIn | Profile and contact info
Sandy Shirai
Technology, Media & Telecommunications industry trends 
Deloitte Consulting LLP
Twitter | LinkedIn | Profile and contact info
Gavin Graves
Fast 500 Program leader
Deloitte Services LP
Twitter | LinkedIn | Profile and contact info

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