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Deloitte and Deloitte Digital have submitted several presenters for South by Southwest (SXSW) 2018. Help bring these awesome panels to life by voting for these submissions on the SXSW PanelPicker site. You can click on the links below to vote and comment on the submissions.

It's not technology: Talent drives digital success
Garth Andrus, Human Capital Leader, Deloitte Digital

Facebook and Walmart are digitally mature, but it has nothing to do with technology and everything to do with their employees. This panel discussion, led by MIT and Deloitte Digital and featuring the major brands having gone through their own transformations, will dissect "Digital DNA"-the 23 unique traits of digital capabilities and behaviors-and how traditional businesses are rewiring the way their people think, work and collaborate to truly thrive in today’s digital world.

The 4th transformation (AR/VR): Never say never…
Allan Cook, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP

The most valuable touchpoint of our digital future will be how humans are able to see, think, shape, and exist in an ‘always-on’ and connected world. Deloitte will discuss how the first three transformations (PC, Web, Mobile) have impacted the world as we know it and how the fourth transformation (Digital Reality–Virtual, Augmented & Mixed) will change how the world operates at a fundamental level-are you are prepared for the digital revolution?

The Big Shift from process to practice
John Hagel, Co-chairman, Deloitte LLP Center for the Edge

For decades, process reengineering drove performance improvement. With exponential change, the focus of performance improvement shifts: to the practices of small workgroups. How do these workgroups accelerate performance improvement and augment workers to take on dynamic challenges? This is not about high performing teams or replacing workers. It’s about finding new ways of working so that organizations, and workers, can develop more rapidly in a world of mounting performance pressure.

Augmented reality: Job killer or Economic savior?
Jay Samit, Independent Vice Chairman, Deloitte Digital

With the debut of low-cost glasses in 2018 and 500 million anticipated by 2021, AR is set to quickly change how we work, shop and play. While the rise of smartphones & the zettabytes of data transmitted daily in cloud computing all point to this impending future, a new amalgamation of exponential technologies (machine learning, augmented reality, IOT sensors, and mobile computing) are going to impact employment as never before. Learn which skills will be in demand and which jobs will disappear.

You think you’re digital: You’re not
Gord Sandford, Partner, Deloitte Digital

Everybody talks digital transformation. Few organizations are actually doing it. Discover how the 23 traits of Digital DNA are the key to transforming your org to thrive in today’s digital landscape. Adopting these characteristics–from democratizing information to ecosystem disruption to modulating risk–can accelerate your success. Think of it as CRISPR for business: Start gene-splicing your org today.

The 0 to 100 effect-The secrets of exponentials
Shawn Kanungo, Innovation Leader, Deloitte Digital

Since the dawn of civilization, we know that when technologies go from scarcity to ubiquity, the world fundamentally changes. Whether it is from hunting to settled agriculture or from calligraphy to the printing press, we see an explosion in new problems, industries and human behaviours. The only difference is that today, technologies are on an exponential scale. From doctors to AI-assisted health, banks to blockchain, retail to Amazon, we are on the brink of the most chaotic era in commerce.

The digital reality iceberg: What isn't obvious?
Jiten Dajee, Lead Technologist, Deloitte Digital
Andy Main, Principal, Deloitte Digital

Can agile product design succeed in government?
Lindsey George, Senior Product Manager, Deloitte Digital
Jared McClain, Product/Engagement Manager, Deloitte Digital
Rica Rosario, Senior UX Designer, Deloitte Digital

Federal agencies have begun to shift to an agile product design approach to keep in line with their business and end users. However, a majority face obstacles that restrict them from having an agile or a user-center design approach. Our panel has experience introducing user-centered design tools and agile best practices to help federal, state and local governments create innovative products that will continue to drive success across the Federal Government and beyond.

Social determinants of health
Josh Lee, Principal, Deloitte Consulting

There are several factors that can contribute to a patient’s health, and clinical care is just one of them. With the continued shift to value-based care models, hospitals and health systems need to consider the “social determinants of health”–the economic and social conditions that impact health–as a way to holistically treat patients and avoid readmissions. And not to mention, an investment that can be “the right thing to do” for communities.

New directions in design that will shape business
Anish Joshi, Head of Design, Deloitte Digital Strategy

The latest incarnation of design is where it is used as a thinking methodology, principally applied in organisations. The positives of this user-centric, empathetic, creative, problem-solving process are features to leverage but how might Design evolve further-forced by technology and business or writing its own destiny and disrupting. This talk suggests and discusses new concepts from 'Design as retrospective', 'Design Intelligence', 'McDesign' and 'Innovation culture'.

Breaking the rules of digital transformation

The threatened, the established and the visionary. This session will bring together three very different perspectives on how to induce digital transformation by breaking the rules of work. We will pick apart why change is critical, what role digital plays in cultural transformation and why having a dog lovers group at work is important. We will bring together two customers, Walmart and Starbucks, plus our partner Deloitte to understand more about the role digital plays in the path to transformation.

Should I use this Wi-Fi?
Aaron DeVera, Death Star Weapons Technician, Deloitte

You’re sitting at the gate, about to connect to the free airport Wi-Fi when you stop and think. You’ve heard something about insecure public Wi-Fi before, but could using a bad Wi-Fi network really leak your data or let someone hack your Facebook? Just as there will never be perfect code, there will always be inherent flaws in the tools we use to communicate, work and pay our bills. Find out how vulnerabilities in the web are exploited and what that means in the future of our online privacy.

New thinking will solve a trillion dollar problem
Larry Mickelberg, Managing Director-Life Sciences Agency Leader, Deloitte Digital

We’ve seen design and tech come together in Silicon Valley, but only recently has healthcare welcomed the design-mindset. From Google’s contact lenses and Apple’s glucose monitor to Intarcia’s approach to chronic disease–the pairing of clinical and technological is creating breakthroughs. This work mixes multiple schools of thought to unlock value. Unconventional leaders will discuss how putting experience at the center of innovation is changing the game.

Living labs: Reimagine the workplace of the future
Duleesha Kulasooriya, Head of Strategy, Center for the Edge, Deloitte

The threatened, the established and the visionary. This session will bring together three very different perspectives on how to induce digital transformation by breaking the rules of work. We will pick apart why change is critical, what role digital plays in cultural transformation and why having a dog lovers group at work is important. We will bring together two customers, Walmart and Starbucks, plus our partner Deloitte to understand more about the role digital plays in the path to transformation.

Government track

Employees as customers: Reimagining public service
Jennifer Rome, Human Capital Senior Manager, Deloitte
David Dye, Managing Director, Human Capital, Deloitte

How will the government attract, retain and engage the next generation of public servants in a competitive job market? By treating employees as customers and applying a human-centered design approach to reimagine the employee experience, Federal agencies are driving measurable improvements in both talent outcomes and mission performance. Explore how this approach is transforming the employee journey for public servants.

Better with biometrics: NextGen CX measurement
Kara Shuler, Senior Manager , Deloitte Consulting LLP
Derek Larsen , Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Breakthroughs in sensor technology, specifically the ability to gauge emotions through biometric data such as facial expressions, verbal tone, heart rate, blood pressure, and perspiration, are the next frontier for customer experience measurement and human centered design. Sentiment sensors can remove friction from the process of sharing feedback, as a customer, and acting upon that feedback, as an organization who seeks to design better products and services.

Bringing the digital mindset to government
John Forsythe, Managing Director, Deloitte
Garth Andrus, Principal, Deloitte

Being digital is about weaving the digital thread into business, operating, and customer models. Technology to replace antiquated processes has evolved into a mindset imperative for protecting data, optimizing delivery and attracting talent. Our panelists will explore how to think digital for Fortune 500 companies and Federal agencies. Learn how executives are leveraging digital cultures to retain a competitive edge and how security agencies are adopting a digital mindset to protect citizens.

Measuring the immeasurable-Why outcomes matter
Shrupti Shah, Managing Director, Deloitte

Government agencies and NGOs seek to do the most good with the resources, skills and influence available to them. But their impact can be limited by being:

  • Tied to programs that are no longer the best way to achieve the ends sought
  • So bureaucratic that we limit the skills and passion staff can bring
  • Constrained by silos that leave half the problem unaddressed 

Through case studies we will explore ways to maximize our impact by defining the outcomes we seek and then going from there.

Going agile: Get the most bang for your buck…
Jason Bowers, Senior Manager, Deloitte Consulting

Government organizations are looking to partner with vendors for agile, but success requires a change in mind-set. The new mind-set of procuring for Agile involves five major shifts in thinking. Shift 1: contract-centered to project-centered. Shift 2: Vendor doesn't run the project, the agency does. Shift 3: You aren't just buying software, you are entering a relationship. Shift 4: From "lump sum, fixed price" to incremental pricing. Shift 5: From contract management to performance monitoring.

Network analysis & how it reveals how we work
Dave Witkowski, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting
Michelle Lane, Specialist Leader, Deloitte Consulting
Alyona Smith, Manager, Deloitte Consulting

Our social networks drive our day-to-day interactions, unlock key information/resources, inspire creative ideas, and connect us to new opportunities… if we have the right ones. This interactive session will engage each attendee in a real-time exploration of how Organizational Network Analysis maps connections between people within organizations. Whether you’re a silo, a connector, or a rising star, you’ll see how data-driven insights can anticipate and pinpoint new challenges and opportunities.

From constituent to customer: A new federal model
Maurita Benjamin, Specialist Leader, Deloitte Consulting
Alex Braier, Principal, Deloitte Consulting
Lisa Taylor, Specialist Leader, Deloitte Consulting

Federal agencies are under increasing pressure to innovate the ways in which they “do business” to improve the customer experience. Using the case study of “Agency XYZ,” this interactive session will engage attendees in role-playing to explore the intersection of people, processes, data, and governance in the federal operating model–and how that model can be “disrupted” to address the uniquely 21st century challenges that face our government.

Smart base: Doing business with government
William Beyer, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Smart Bases provide a unique opportunity for the government and business to innovate together. This approach brings “smart city” principles to the military base to improve the quality of life for our servicemen and simultaneously strengthen our national security. To bring this concept to life the government is actively exploring new and creative ways to engage, collaborate and innovate with the private sector from Boston to Austin to Silicon Valley—and everywhere in between.

The real robo-cop: A.I. in federal cybersecurity
Sarah Benczik, Senior Manager, Federal Human Capital, Deloitte Consulting LLP

To effectively counter rapidly multiplying cyber threats, process robotics (bots) must augment the cyber workforce of the future. Bots automate key cybersecurity workforce functions, including operational communications, incident response, and training, while providing an added layer of protection through intelligent and proactive analysis. The result is a cyber workforce that is able to do more with less. Our workshop will highlight innovative ways to incorporate bots as a workforce solution.

No margin no mission: Building social enterprises
William Eggers, Executive Director, Center for Government Insights, Deloitte

Social enterprise is not always not-for-profit and having a great idea is not enough to create a sustainable impact venture. Generating revenue via sales or fundraising is critical to the sustainability of social enterprises and your business plan and team should still be at the center of your startup. Learn from experts on how to weave your mission throughout the fabric of your impact venture, while transforming your idea into a business. Join Halcyon for this session to see how we do it!

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