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Deloitte and Deloitte Digital have submitted several presenters for South by Southwest (SXSW) 2019. Help bring these awesome panels to life by voting for these submissions on the SXSW PanelPicker site. You can click on the links below to vote and comment on the submissions.

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Life on the platform: An opportunity for better, not worse
Everyone is talking about platforms these days, however, we've only just begun to realize their true power. The great, untapped potential is in using these powerful structures to connect, learn, and mobilize individuals and organizations around narratives that matter.

Jobs of tomorrow: The work, workforce, and workplace
This three-part, interactive lab will explore the seven key disruptors that are changing the nature of the work we do, who does it, and where it gets done. First, we'll share our experts' perspective on what’s happening and how it impacts all of us, regardless of what industry we're in or what job we currently have. Next, through an immersive experience, you will have an opportunity to encounter how we have reimagined some of the jobs we're all familiar with today. Finally, we will discover and explore how our own jobs and industries may be enhanced or reimagined in the future through a set of interactive activities.

Cities worldwide catalyzing mobility services
We believe in the future of cities. With so many intermodal options, technology offers more sustainable, accessible, and equitable transportation for improved city-living.

Click when you clash: Maximizing employee potential
What makes two people click or clash? Why do some teams excel while others fumble? It’s all about Business Chemistry and building productive business relationships. Imagine how to create a work environment where all types of people can thrive, despite conflicting perspectives and needs. Now activate diversity on your team to create great business chemistry.

Changing communities and inspiring global action
Learn how Deloitte Digital, National Geographic, and Facebook, are using tech to highlight women’s voices and amplifying the people, communities, stories, and movements that are defying the odds.

Ethics in artificial intelligence (AI)
As creators and innovators of technology, we have an obligation and responsibility to observe, manage, and ensure the ethics of AI. When looking at the emerging tech landscape, we need to prioritize the speed of delivery and ensure frequent adaptation at the speed of relevance. We need to look at the ethics of AI.

Blockchain: Changing giving, for good
Join us for an in-depth discussion about the radical ways in which blockchain is disrupting and decentralizing philanthropy to create a new form of social giving and social good that will enable ultimate transparency and impact.

Robot Xing: Border security in the age of autonomy
How will the rise of autonomous vehicles impact our ability to prevent illicit bugs, thugs, and drugs from entering the country? Our talk convenes a group of federal, state, and business executives to explore border security in an autonomous world.

Pickup Artist: Fostering growth through the arts
We believe in the promise of the arts to put people at the center of complex challenges. This panel will explore how the arts can shift the perspective from problem to solution, from a person’s weaknesses to her strengths. A diverse panel of government leaders, social entrepreneurs, and artists will explore what it will take to incorporate art into policy and program design.

This list is not comprehensive for Deloitte. Please search "Deloitte" on the panel picker page for a full list of Deloitte participants.

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