Media and Entertainment industry

Spotlight on change

Media and entertainment companies are finding content creation, aggregation, and distribution—their fundamental ecosystem—ever-evolving and morphing as new technologies come into play that disrupt traditional business models. From interactive gaming, films, broadcast television, and print and publishing to sports and live entertainment, social media, and advertising, M&E businesses live or die based on how well they identify and manage trends. Deloitte plays a leading advisory role in the media and entertainment arena.

How we can help

Many of our practitioners have come to us directly from industry careers, providing an insider’s view that enhances our already unique ability to help clients grapple with the critical business issues they’re dealing with now and anticipate in the future. We have media industry specialists that focus on a multitude of complex audit and tax consulting needs specific to media and entertainment companies. Our analytics specialists can help companies evaluate data to make more informed decisions related to marketing, advertising, sales forecasting and pricing. We understand the complex issues and opportunities that arise as a result of the shift to digital and can help businesses navigate business model, technology and people transformation. Contact us for more information.

Why Deloitte?

Our clients represent the top organizations in this sector including sports and live entertainment, information services, and publishing companies, to social, digital, and advertising companies.

In the US we serve:

  • All of the top* 10 entertainment companies
  • 4 of the top* 5 sports and live entertainment providers
  • 9 of the top* 10 information services and publishing companies
  • All of the top* 5 social, digital, and advertising companies

*Largest by revenue

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