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Coffee with Mr. IoT: A Connected Technologies Series

Exploring the universe of connected technology

Are you curious about the world of connected technology and how it’s transforming the way we live and work? Tune in to this weekly IoT podcast series to hear lively, authentic, and informal conversations with some of the builders, dreamers, founders, and luminaries of the Internet of Things (IoT) universe.

Take a coffee break with an IoT podcast

Deloitte Consulting Chief Futurist Robert Schmid, AKA “Mr. IoT,” interviews guest specialists across the burgeoning IoT space. They’re taking deep dives dives into the world of connected technologies and in particular the human impact these technologies have on how we live and work.  

Guests include current and former luminaries of the digital world, including Deloitte leaders and practitioners who have worked on IoT projects, clients who have implemented IoT, and collaborators from our alliance network. Topics have covered Industry 4.0, smart buildings, smart cities, connected home and medical devices, digital supply networks, industrial IoT, AR, AI and machine learning, virtual assistants, standards, and more.

Check back each week for new episodes. You can also view episodes of Coffee with Mr. IoT as a video series on YouTube.

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Prukalpa Sankar: How to stop being bad at data and learn to trust it

Many large enterprises struggle with harnessing the full value that’s hidden in the massive amounts of data they collect, according to Prukalpa Sankar. She’s the cofounder of Atlan, a company that aims to “democratize data inside organizations by creating a home for data teams.”

In her chat with Mr. IoT, Prukalpa discusses the need for diversified collaborative data teams to help extract, transform, validate, and load data into detailed reports and recommendations. Prukalpa and Robert discuss how to allow more democratic access to data and build trust between data teams and decision makers, such as IT managers, OT managers, researchers, C-suite executives, designers, and others, to ultimately gather usable, timely insights from vast data lakes.

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Gary Bolles: Navigating the future of work and learning

In this interview with Mr. IoT, which took place at the fourth annual Singularity University global summit, Gary defines work as problem-solving. He also uses “PACE” as an acronym to describe the four key transferable traits in life and career:

  • Problem-solving
  • Adaptivity (what might be called a growth mindset)
  • Creativity
  • Empathy

Hear from Gary on how to create a personal “user manual” for accessing meaningful work and learning opportunities in a digital work economy.

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Erica Volini: Optimizing your workforce’s hot, warm, and cold bodies

Mr. IoT attended the fourth annual Singularity University global summit in San Francisco, where he spoke with Erica Volini, global leader for Human Capital, Deloitte LLP, about the “Workforce of the Future.”

Erica redefines the workforce as a mix of full-time employees (hot bodies), gig workers (warm bodies), and automation (cold bodies), and she talks about how companies can prepare for the shifts that technology is creating. Robert and Erica discuss the challenge of optimizing work to get maximum human output, productivity, and ROI by ensuring humans are doing what we do best—creating, innovating, connecting, and establishing relationships.

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Sean Hinton: Accessing the power of AI to create the workforce of the future

By 2023, 50 percent of the world’s workforce will need to either be reskilled or upskilled. How can connected technology help solve this challenge?

Sean Hinton, CEO and founder of SkyHive, discusses the world’s first deep learning technology that focuses purely on the reskilling of companies and the workforce. Hear how SkyHive’s technology assesses every job in the labor market and its evolving skill sets in real time to find efficiencies and correlations in the movement of human capital.

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