XaaS: Everything as a service

Casting core modernization in a new light

Consumer perceptions of ownership, service, and access are evolving fast—increasingly, the expectation is that there should be little friction between desire and need satisfaction. The same applies to enterprise IT: Employees, business partners, vendors, and customers all want easy access to critical services that someone else supports and maintains. Everything as a service—or, XaaS—casts core modernization in a new light: Yesterday's legacy overhaul is today's operational and business transformation aimed at creating (and monetizing) stabler, safer, smarter, faster ways to satisfy employees, partners, and customers.

Our perspective

Reimagine what could be a service

Assess how recreating a variety of services could expand, accelerate, or streamline your business model—carving out pricing, inventory, and logistics transactions. It's about monetizing current capabilities. Don't overlook internally focused services, either.

Start at the edges

Start with a few bites around the edges (inventory tracking, customer help desk, front office, or cash management) before tackling ERP right out of the gate. That way, you can methodically deploy new services and then build upon each to link services across the enterprise. Mitigate first—then modernize—then monetize.

The five R's

Anchor the technical journey firmly in business imperatives, and understand how any change or new service can affect workflow, security, and integration. Think through the five R's: re-platform, revitalize, remediate, replace, retrench.

How to get there?

Learn more about cloud.

Advance your business, exponentially

Disrupt. Transform. Repeat.

That's the new normal. Done right, the cloud not only drives that reality—it can turn it into your advantage. Deloitte's end-to-end capabilities and deep understanding of you—your business, industry, and dynamics—help to amplify the transformative value of the cloud, beyond cost cutting. You can become agile and disruptive. You're not just using the cloud. It's helping to advance your business in ways you never imagined.

Unveiling what's next

With ever-growing troves of data still unexplored, and with the cloud tools powering new ways to find, assess, and act on that data in the moment, the allure of big data, analytics, and IoT is anything but misplaced. At the same time, it's important to stay grounded in specific business challenges, questions, and opportunities. Focus on establishing bounded scope and measurable, attributable value—without wandering into risk, compliance, and security minefields.

Every enterprise needs to map out how to blend business strategy with technology opportunity: innovate, or face inevitable disruption. What’s the reward on the horizon for those who succeed? The more you can move to the cloud securely and compliantly, the faster your speed to market, the greater your control of scalability and costs. And the more you can reduce time spent on configuring and increase time spent on innovative new releases and enhanced customer experience.

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