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Design your possible

Hybrid cloud is cloud your way. It’s integrating information systems—from on-premises core systems to private cloud, public cloud, and edge environments—to maximize your IT capabilities and achieve better business outcomes. It’s designing, building, and accelerating your possible.

The reality: Hybrid cloud is the de-facto model

Hybrid cloud isn’t new. In reality, it is cloud—at least how most companies experience it today. Most organizations likely have some combination of legacy on-premises infrastructure and some infrastructure in the cloud.

The discussion is no longer about whether to deploy cloud. Instead, it’s about how to leverage the right mix of technology to access and maximize the capabilities of cloud—while protecting critical data and running workloads where they drive better business outcomes, faster value delivery, and sustainable ROI.

You need an architecture that lets you seamlessly move data and workloads from core, to private cloud, to public cloud, to the edge—and that can scale. That's hybrid cloud. And we can help.

Delivering cloud your way

We combine the transformative power of cloud with the security of core systems and the nimble responsiveness of edge computing to create a catalyst for collaboration, growth, and innovation. Our approach is business-led and application-driven. We assess advisory, risk, and security issues, help you design your strategy, and bring it to life.

We dig into your application requirements to reveal what a hybrid cloud solution might look like in your environment. By combining a data-driven approach and technical acumen with industry and domain experience, we can provide seamless workload functionality and access to data across your IT ecosystem—from core to cloud to edge. From there, we help you apply cloud capabilities across your business, regardless of whether your applications are on-premises or in the cloud.

Our goal? Helping you achieve the greatest ROI from your technology investments, and accelerating benefit realization.

Organizations choose us to engineer their hybrid cloud environments because we don’t simply theorize. We build. We get “in the trenches” with you to design a strategy and operating model that helps you quickly deliver value. We also understand that scaling cloud to the enterprise requires a cultural change. To that end, we help you pair people and process with technology transformation to eliminate silos and streamline system deployment and delivery.

How we can help

Our approach helps you optimize your hybrid cloud ecosystem based not just on your unique technical requirements, but also on your business, security, and governance needs. Our offering spans the cloud-deployment lifecycle from strategy and assessment, to turnkey delivery and optional managed services. We focus on helping align your technology with processes and strategy and on implementing new ways of working such as DevOps and SRE.

To deliver your tailored hybrid cloud solution, we leverage our unique combination of global resources and deep industry knowledge to help you see your potential and transform it into a reality that helps you gain the portability, visibility, and control needed to run workloads where you want them. And with the flexibility to change providers and cloud configurations when you need to.

Cloud readiness assessment, strategy, and planning

Review existing applications for business and technical requirements to determine cloud-readiness and end location of each application. Construct a cloud business case and roadmap for deployment and success.

Cloud Workbench

Determine your best path to cloud, calculate total cost of ownership, and optimize your organizational structure to get the most value from cloud investments using our data-driven suite of tools.

Application modernization and migration

Refactor applications to make them more capable of taking advantage of public cloud and deliver more value. Learn more about Deloitte’s Application Modernization services powered by innoWake™.

Hybrid cloud architecture

Select the appropriate hybrid cloud architecture components—from on-premises infrastructure to virtualization elements to management and integration software.

Edge computing

Integrate multi-access edge computing into the hybrid cloud architecture for greater portability of data and applications through 5G and IoT connectivity and data. 


Construct a hybrid cloud platform that spans all types of infrastructure—including physical and virtual machines—private clouds, public clouds, and containers.

Accelerating your possible with leading technology

We leverage our deep industry and technical knowledge, as well as our alliance relationships with cloud technology providers such as AWS, Dell Technologies, Google Cloud, HPE, IBM, Red HatVMware, and more, to support strategy design and implementation.

Why Deloitte?

Together, we design your possible using strategies that help you holistically transform your IT ecosystem. Deloitte brings the full spectrum of capabilities needed to design, build, and deploy your possible with hybrid cloud.

  • We support you throughout your transformation journey. We can help with strategy development, hands-on systems implementation, and project management, as well as understanding the bigger business implications of your hybrid cloud projects.
  • We bring experience across the business in tax, risk, cyber security, human capital, and more, because we know that cloud is more than just about IT. 
  • We have strong relationships with major cloud technology providers, data center ecosystem players, and government and academic leaders.
  • Our proprietary accelerators—such as our Cloud Complexity Cost Calculator and Cloud Workbench suite of tools and industry-specific templates—help jump-start your journey.
  • We have the operational discipline to help you measure program success.
  • We leverage core engineering capabilities that apply automation, AI, and software-defined everything.

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