Cloud Operate

Reduce cloud complexity and enhance business value

Cloud is transformative, but operating in cloud can create complexity, cyber risk, and fast-paced technological changes. Ongoing success requires the right operating model, technology, and talent. To garner the most value from their cloud investments, many organizations outsource the management of their cloud environment

Delivering cloud your way: Hybrid Cloud

If you’re like most organizations, you likely have some combination of legacy on-premises infrastructure and some infrastructure and apps in the cloud. Hybrid cloud isn’t new. In reality, it is cloud. We understand that. Our Cloud Operate solution helps you leverage the right mix of technology to maximize your cloud capabilities, while protecting critical data, running workloads where they fit best—from on-premises core systems to private cloud, public cloud, the edge—and scaling with your needs. Our approach is business-led and application-driven, and it helps you drive growth and innovation, deliver value faster, and achieve better business outcomes and sustainable ROI—all in a secure hybrid cloud ecosystem.

Client success stories

Our services are designed to help organizations find their foothold in the future. We leverage our deep expertise across markets, industries and ecosystems to engineer digital transformation within rapidly-shifting landscapes. Wherever you are on your path of transformation, our services can ensure your organization is not only prepared for the future — but poised to help create it.

Unlimited Reality & Metaverse Strategies for Market Sensing and Ecosystem Management

Sense and analyze the rapidly changing landscape, develop strategy, perform business venture design and build partnerships in the broader ecosystem. 

Data center exit and cloud migration.  

We helped a global food-storage products company lower their costs and gain greater capability and IT capacity to drive innovation.

Banking on the cloud.

We helped a large national banking organization achieve a 20% reduction in IT operational cost by modernizing their infrastructure, which also significantly increased their service capabilities

Utility in the cloud.

We helped a large utility company with cloud migration and decommissioning of 25-plus mission-critical SAP and non-SAP on-premise services, resulting in a 30% improvement in systems performance and several hundred thousand dollars in CapEx costs.

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Why it works

We work with you

We don’t simply theorize and hand you a document. We work alongside you helping you manage your ecosystem in a way that’s customized to your unique situation.

We know security

We don’t do cloud without cyber. Security is a critical part of our Cloud Operate solution, either embedded or as a stand-alone service bundle.

We take it further

Because we know cloud isn’t just about IT, we leverage the experience of other Deloitte divisions such as Human Capital, Tax and Advisory, Cyber & Strategic Risk.

We leverage the power of alliances

Our powerful alliances with major hyperscalers enable us to bring the best the market has to offer to build a cloud ecosystem—and operate it—in a way that fits your needs now, and in the future.

Why Deloitte

The move to cloud is a long journey and a continuous learning experience. Our Cloud Operate solution tailors our comprehensive suite of services to each company’s specific needs based on where they are in their cloud journey. With more than 60,000 cloud practitioners and 28 delivery centers across the globe, no competitor can match the sheer resources and reputation Deloitte brings to cloud transformation.

Deloitte has been recognized as a Visionary in the 2022 Gartner®: Magic Quadrant for Data Outsourcing and Hybrid Infrastructure Managed Services, Worldwide. With our global resources for migrating and developing cloud solutions, the ability to test solutions in our digital and cloud studios, and leadership accolades, it all adds up to confidence in our ability to make a client’s transformations happen.

The future for business and society is inseparable from technology, which makes the power of cloud essential. Deloitte Cloud is committed to being on the forefront of change, understanding how forces converge, and helping embrace, shape, and excel at what lies ahead. Let’s start a conversation.

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Robert Orshaw

Robert Orshaw

Managing Director | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Robert is a managing director with Deloitte Consulting and acts as the Global Leader for Cloud Operate. Robert is skilled in helping clients realize their organizational strategic goals from a cloud a... More

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