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Deloitte’s Cloud Institute trains the workforce of the future focusing on a single outcome: Helping companies—yours and ours—embrace what cloud makes possible.

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About Cloud Institute

While cloud is a pathway to what’s possible for everyone, it’s also complex and rapidly-changing. At Cloud Institute, we are building the industry’s most skilled workforce across the entire cloud and technology lifecycle—to outpace change, navigate complexity, and help our clients, and society, truly realize cloud’s potential with courage and imagination. Through a curriculum designed to support and encourage lifelong learning, practitioners at any level can upskill with hands-on courses, deep training, and learning pathways from strategy to human capital, and everything in between. Cloud Institute empowers our people to discover their own possible--and that means better outcomes and new value for our clients.

Why now?

At Deloitte, the cloud is never just about the cloud. It’s about tapping the full potential of technologies, data, operations, markets—and people. It’s the power to transform what work is, and how and why we do it. As technologies move markets and change society, the workforce of the future can’t afford to stop learning. Deloitte is committed to staying out front by helping our professionals understand how forces emerge, converge, and shape what lies ahead.

How we do it

The Deloitte Cloud Institute is a curated curriculum organized around five major roles—Strategist, Developer, Engineer, Architect, and AI & Analytics—focused on a single business outcome: Helping companies embrace what cloud makes possible. Participants are placed on custom course tracks designed to enhance their existing skillsets, challenge their thinking, and expand their ideas of what cloud can do.

The Deloitte Cloud Institute uses a customized applied learning approach that is unique to each learner. The curriculum is designed to provide hands-on experience solving real client problems, and uses a dynamic and collaborative approach to build mentorship and team building. It’s designed to support lifelong learning for the workforce of the future.

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We’re training our professionals for the ever-evolving business landscape, providing flexible and differentiated learning options. Learn more from our media coverage.

Empowering our people


With cloud, we’re witnessing a technological revolution unlike anything the world has seen. Our people, our approach, and our experience are allowing us to keep up with the change and understand ways to harness that power to its highest potential.

Ranjit Bawa, Deloitte US Cloud Leader

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Ranjit Bawa

Ranjit Bawa

Principal | US Cloud Leader

As Deloitte Consulting LLP’s US Cloud leader, Ranjit brings the perspective that some of the most powerful opportunities for disruption come when new technology solutions enable the transformation of ... More

Myke Miller

Myke Miller

Consulting Managing Director | Cloud Engineering

Myke is a managing director with Deloitte Consulting LLP and dean of the Deloitte Cloud Institute. As the dean of Deloitte’s Cloud Institute, Myke is tasked with delivering an innovative, curated and ... More

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