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Trying on wearable cognitive assistance

How enterprise wearable technologies will change work 

Enterprise wearable technologies have the potential to boost human productivity, endurance, and cognition.

A new world of wearable cognitive assistance solutions that is just waiting to be built

Wearable cognitive assistance fuses wearable devices with computer vision and edge computing to amplify human cognition in real time and provide step-by-step instructions to complete specific tasks. What separates wearable cognitive assistance from other wearable devices is that wearable cognitive assistance uses task-specific software that verifies that the work has been correctly completed and, if needed, can connect to live human experts for assistance. Doing so requires a wearable device and low-latency wireless access to an edge computing infrastructure.

Wearable cognitive assistance can help improve human safety and well-being while enhancing the quality and efficiency of work. Repairs can be made in difficult-to-maneuver or hazardous spaces, creating a safe work environment. Wearable technology can also help refine human productivity, endurance, and cognitive abilities. Together, these gains can save both time and money, and their value can be measured in how they improve safety while simultaneously supporting human well-being.


Trying on wearable cognitive assistance

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