Cloud enablement and managed services

Move from legacy to opportunity

Deloitte’s business insight coupled with turnkey, on-demand cloud management offerings can relentlessly amplify the value you can achieve along every step of your cloud journey.

Navigating the new reality

Cloud has caused the pace of innovation to accelerate. In this new reality, sustained competitive advantage can only be achieved by applying your resources to the right problems, at the right times, with the right strategies. Keep that work in-house and you may not be able to maintain pace with your competitors. Choose a strategic partner focused solely on a narrow set of cloud management services and you may not get the broad perspective and agility that your business will need over time.

A worldwide leader in Digital Operations Management Consulting based on breadth and depth of capabilities.

— Kennedy1

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The cloud enables. Deloitte delivers

At Deloitte, we can provide dedicated, active, scalable cloud management as a service to help you set the pace of change in your industry. We do that, not by simply throwing resources at your challenges, but instead, by understanding every dimension of those challenges—the strategic business goals, market dynamics, human capital, and technology assets that frame your cloud journey. We look at how factors such as changing regulations and internal stakeholder priorities impact your requirements. We then leverage our secure platform and worldwide network of specialists to provide end–to–end, turnkey, 24/7 services for both legacy and cloud environments.

In short, we go beyond the routine to help you not only maintain a high–performing and agile system but also to help you evolve a highly competitive and innovative company.

Deloitte offers SaaS and cloud platform management services under three distinct models:

  • Managed services: Cloud managed services through a ticket system, managed to commercial service–level agreements and typically modeled on existing client processes.
  • Custom enablement services: Fundamental automation of traditional managed services so that teams are largely self-enabled, with few if any tickets. Typically involves significant re-engineering of existing IT processes.
  • Business process as a service: Cloud-enabled business services built on SaaS products and Deloitte’s differentiated capabilities, analytics, and industry-specific insights. Examples include payroll management, supply chain planning, and global tax services.

A global leader in Business Analytics Consulting and System Integration Services based on capability and strategy.

— IDC2

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Get to the future faster

Deloitte helps amplify value through cloud enablement and management services

  • Deloitte manages the client environment with the understanding of the business context and rationale behind IT decisions, and so helps with proactive management.
  • We have deep experience providing a full range of legacy, hybrid, and cloud management services, which we can continue for as long as you need.
  • We offer flexible contracting models to provide you with world-class methods, processes, and tools designed to drive productivity and quality.
  • Deloitte can plan and execute your whole cloud strategy, implementation, and migration, providing efficiency at multiple layers of your evolving IT environment.
  • As part of our cloud service management team we have consultants practiced in regulatory, compliance, risk, and resilience across industries.

Cloud enablement and managed services is one component of Deloitte’s end-to-end cloud services. For more insights and information across the cloud journey, visit

A global leader in Customer-Facing Service Operations Consulting based on capabilities.

— ALM Intelligence3

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