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Embrace a more agile way of doing business

Digital disruption is redefining how organizations do business. Never before has there been such a convergence of exponential shifts in people, processes, and technology. And, organizations that need to scale operations, accelerate innovation, drive efficiencies, and expand expertise to better focus on their core competencies are turning to more agile ways of operating, including, business process enablement services, and analytics-as-a-service.

Why are companies turning to new service models?

The status quo is not an option

Relying exclusively on rigid, legacy technologies and operations, limited in-house talent, and low adoption of innovative assets within an inflexible business model is an old-school strategy.

To fully capitalize on a more agile business not only requires a move to new technology, but also a reimagining of IT operations and a shift in the business model. More dynamic, flexible contracting models that can align to changing business priorities, demands, and disruptive innovations are replacing the long-term, fixed (scope and price) contracts of the past.

How do Operate Services work?

Deloitte’s Operate Services enable us to serve as an extension of your organization. We bring deep capabilities in advising, maintaining, and enhancing technologies and delivering insights across flexible economic models. Operate Services include specialty-centric and technology-centric offerings in new types of solution collaborations that are scalable, flexible, and typically structured by subscription, outcome/output, or labor resources used.

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The Deloitte difference

With our fingers on the pulse of companies' evolving needs for data, advanced technologies, and new business process outsourcing engagement models, we deliver a full suite of Operate Services that have the potential to transform organizations—and we have the resources to do it with 35,000 Operate Services professionals across a worldwide network. With decades of deep industry knowledge and technology experience, we develop a clear roadmap for achieving results that establishes the business outcomes organizations want to achieve, and the technologies and processes needed to get there.

What do you think?

If the goal is to move your company to a more agile business model and increase its competitive advantage, we should talk.

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Ayan Chatterjee

Ayan Chatterjee

Deloitte Consulting LLP

Ayan is Deloitte Consulting’s National Managing Principal for Operate Services, a multi-billion dollar business which includes capabilities such as application and cloud management services, analytics... More

Doug Gish

Doug Gish

Deloitte Global Operate Leader

Doug is the Deloitte Global Operate Leader. In this capacity, he is responsible for driving the growth of the Operate Business by working closely with other Deloitte Business, Industry, and Offering L... More

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