Srivats Srinivasan

National Managing Principal, Operate Services | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Srivats Srinivasan

225 West Santa Clara Street

Suite 600

San Jose


United States


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Srivats is Deloitte Consulting’s leader for US Consulting Operate Services, a multi-billion dollar business which includes capabilities such as application and cloud management services, analytics and advise-as-a-service, foundry services, and industry and process solutions (as a service). Srivats is responsible for driving strategy and developing new and innovative ways in which Deloitte Consulting serves clients in their transformation agenda through automation, managed services, as-a-service, outcomes-based and subscription-based models.

Srivats has spent over 20 years in consulting, most recently leading Deloitte’s Enterprise Operations as a Service (EOaaS) offering. Previous experience includes serving as the deputy for the SAP offering and leading Enterprise Performance Sales Excellence, where he was instrumental in transforming businesses, focusing on Operate to Innovate, cost efficiencies, and margin improvement. He has served on multiple large transformation projects serving clients across a variety of industries.

Srivats Srinivasan