Put AI value at the ready


Put AI value at the ready

Create evergreen capability and capacity with ReadyAI

Accelerate your AI journey with fluid capacity and flexible capability—integrating specialist skills with tested assets and curated data sets to explore and scale the potential of AI technology.

ReadyAI: Our services

ReadyAI™ operates as an extension of your in-house teams, working alongside you and your ecosystem collaborators to bring data infrastructure, data and analytics, and intelligent process automation to AI delivery.

ReadyAI helps clients, like you, scale their AI ambitions

Technology, media, and telecommunications

Integrating AI and advanced analytics across the operating model

When a global technology leader needed to replace piecemeal solutions provided by multiple vendors with a consolidated solution that would support insight-driven decision-making and ensure higher data quality through AI and machine learning, it turned to Deloitte.

Consumer products

Powering AI for enhanced decision insights

In its transition from holding company to integrated operating company, a global food company wanted better data insights to help drive both efficiency and growth. With Deloitte’s help, the company developed a pipeline of data and analytics projects that are doing all of that and more.

Life sciences & health care

Fostering evergreen operations at scale

A leading life sciences company sought to establish an AI center of excellence that would help identify new growth opportunities and amplify patient and employee engagement, while improving workforce productivity. To accelerate AI adoption and help achieve its vision, the company sought Deloitte’s help in rethinking its overall strategy and operating model, and governance and technical capabilities.

Technology, media, and telecommunications

Content moderation using vision AI

A large company struggled to moderate the content generated and shared on its online platforms. The process was laborious, costly, prone to minor errors, and posed substantial business risks. Deloitte implemented cutting-edge AI/ML models, leading to improved user experience, more efficient content curation, reduced spread of harmful content, and enhanced trust and safety within the online community. This approach also prevented brand damaging events and potential litigation and liability.

All the capabilities to accelerate and scale AI

Our latest thinking on AI and data

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Rohit Tandon

Rohit Tandon

Managing Director | ReadyAI Practice Leader

Rohit is a managing director in Deloitte’s AI & Data offering with more than 30 years of global experience, of which the last 20+ years have been in Applied Analytics and AI. Rohit enjoys driving prof... More

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