Flexible capacity helps scale AI across your organization

In the Age of With™ where human and machine collaboration is taking organizations to new heights, ReadyAI meets you where you are with a full portfolio of capabilities and the capacity to help accelerate your AI journey from data to insights and decisions.

Filling in the gaps

Deloitte's ReadyAI operates as your team, in conjunction with your organization to serve as an extension of your in-house resources and strengthen your business to meet its goals. We bring a scalable and flexible capability model to the delivery of your AI projects.

Services and assets to increase your ROI in AI

Capacity as a service

Your roadmap is taking shape, and you need skilled partners to be integrated with your teams, to expand your capacity to refine, execute, and manage. Tap into a talent pool of 4,500+ skilled AI experts, available in flexible capacity-as-a-service models.

Client story: Accurate stakeholder insights

CoE as a service

Stand up and scale your AI CoE to conceptualize, build, and deliver robust AI products. Operate the CoE in an experience-hardened structure of strategy, demand generation, program management, experimentation, MVP building, by scaling AI products and managing MLOps.

Client story: AI center of excellence

Client story: Scalable operating model

Insights as a service

Receive powerful and relevant insights and ongoing decision support by leveraging curated external third-party data that is continuously refreshed and triangulated. Complement your internal data, and see your blind spots to dramatically improve the quality and reliability of your insights.



MLOps as a service

Your PoCs are done. Free up data scientist time and reduce stress by leveraging an expert team to deploy at scale, monitor, maintain, and retrain models. Control changes to the models and their parameters in a disciplined manner to reach flawless performance at the inference endpoints.

Thought leadership: ML-Oops to MLOps

Use case foundry

Leverage our portfolio of prioritized industry and functional use cases with highly reusable components. Or allow us to assemble pods to work on your use case backlog with unique and innovative assets and accelerators to kick-start deployment.

Startups as a service

Escape the build trap and improve your ROI 10x by leveraging state-of-the-art products and point solutions from the ever-evolving AI/ML marketplace identified by Deloitte’s Catalyst services and fueled by ReadyAI.



Spotlight on a multinational technology company

Delivering holistic managed AI and Advanced Analytics

How ReadyAI proved to be an accelerator

In a fragmented environment where more than a half dozen different vendors provided data and analytics services, innovation lacked, and a strained roadmap with new products launching existed, this major technology company tasked Deloitte to operationalize an ReadyAI team for them.

The team was asked to replace piecemeal solutions, ensure data quality, make insights fast and mobile, and employ AI and machine learning to detect anomalies and extract valuable insights. The result: increased capabilities and capacity at a lower cost for the tech giant. Take a look.

People power: 30% fewer resources to do the job
ReadyAI gave them the capacity and capability to launch new products at breakneck speed more efficiently without the fragmented players and piecemeal roadmaps.

4x growth in volume of analytic artifacts
Within six months, Deloitte helped the company achieve better business agility with analytics insights across different business units.

Reduced revenue leakage
Machine learning-enabled data integrity checks and pattern analysis helped the company take actions to prevent revenue leakage from fraud.

Faster time to insights; better decisions
Dashboards delivered accurate and timely data to scientists and analysts for insights that led to faster, more effective decisions by executives—all from their cell phones.

Helping you get to the next step

Want to learn more about how companies are making the transition to an AI-led business strategy and what it might look like in the future?

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Rohit Tandon
Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP

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