Human Capital Application Management Services

Unleash the potential of your cloud technology

Your investment in human capital management (HCM) cloud technologies should enable your business and workforce to thrive today and far into the future. Deloitte’s Human Capital Application Management Services help you realize that potential, creating value beyond optimizing technology. We work with you to manage change, mitigate risk, and uncover new insights to drive agility, innovation, and sustained results.

How are your HCM cloud technology investments performing?

Are you concerned about keeping up with continuous changes and how they will affect your HCM cloud investment? Is your cloud investment creating the business outcomes you anticipated? It’s possible to realize substantial value from moving to the cloud—but it’s not all about the technology. Staying on top of people matters, governance, and system optimization is essential for HCM cloud technology investments to live up to expectations.

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How Deloitte Human Capital Application Management Services create value

Overcoming common challenges of talent, governance, and optimization is key to realizing ROI from your HCM cloud investment—but that’s just the starting point. Your investment in cloud is not a one-time event, so our holistic approach to application management services goes beyond these fundamentals. We help you continue to realize value as both your business and user needs change and the technology evolves.

A unique experience

Powered by the world’s largest Human Capital consultancy in concert with leading HCM cloud technology providers.

The potential and promise of HCM cloud technology are what drive organizations to make the leap. But turning a promising business case into positive results isn’t automatic. We use our decades of experience and closely allied relationships with the world’s leading human capital management cloud providers to enable our clients to fully leverage the power of their technology and ultimately realize ongoing value from their human capital management investment.

Our Human Capital Application Management Services practice has a long track record with hundreds of clients and implementations in leading technologies, today encompassing support of more than 3.5 million employees worldwide.

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Getting started with Deloitte Human Capital Application Management Services

Explore opportunities, gain rapid insights, and engage skilled resources.
Maximizing your HCM cloud investment begins with understanding where you are now. Our options help you zero in on a particular module or gain a broader perspective across your HCM cloud application.

  • Sustainment Lab gives you a foundation to build on
  • Diagnostic examines a single module
  • Health Check assesses multiple modules
  • Release as a Service helps keep functionality up to date

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Marty Marchetti

Marty Marchetti

Managing Director | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Marty is Deloitte’s Human Capital Application Management Services (AMS) offering leader with 22 years of human capital management (HCM) AMS experience. Marty started his career managing large-scale Pe... More

Todd Amsley

Todd Amsley

AMS Leader | Human Capital as a Service

Todd has spent the last 25 years helping clients and leading teams focused on Application Management Services (AMS), IT outsourcing and Human Capital outsourcing. As Deloitte’s Human Capital AMS leade... More

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