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Cloud Infrastructure and Data Center Modernization Services

Engineer your possible

With the right cloud solutions, organizations can modernize and consolidate IT infrastructure, automate workloads and transform business operations, become more agile, and reduce costs and risks as it pursues next-generation innovation. It all becomes possible with IT solutions that connect new and existing systems in a secure, cost-effective and simple way to further enable and empower their businesses.

Architecting for the future

Deloitte’s Cloud Infrastructure services can help design, implement, and integrate existing core compute, network, storage, and security services with new hybrid, edge, and multi-cloud initiatives. We help modernize data centers and networks through automation and software-defined capabilities, making them current and sustainable for cloud use. And we engineer infrastructure platforms to enable Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) solutions and edge computing. The results are transformational programs able to help transport business into a new, dynamic world of top performance.

Because we understand an organization’s business-focused strategy, we can help envision how to get there and translate that vision into implementation. Our proven experience and end-to-end cloud services help develop a technology foundation for the future.

Data center modernization

Creating an infrastructure that can handle big data

The market has barely scratched the surface on what new digital technologies will do, how they will transform the way people work, play, and govern. Game-changing business outcomes are made possible because new digital technologies, like IP-based sensors, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and robotics had access to the big data systems they needed to operate.

Gartner predicts that by 2021, data centers will be one third each on premises, off premises, and in cloud.1 And it may take longer. While more and more companies are adopting public cloud, data centers and infrastructure won’t go away. Many organizations will have a hybrid or multi-cloud solution for some time as transformations to existing data centers and significant integration to edge and public cloud computing ensue.

We lead in modernizing data centers, so they are accessible on the cloud and integrate with new XaaS solutions as well as IoT devices. We also re-engineer legacy applications to modern languages and onboard them to cloud platforms with optimized architectures. Companies can garner value out of their existing systems and start using new technologies for innovation and growth without the worry of downtime and other traditional constraints.


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Infrastructure transformation

Reducing costs and simplifying management

A modern technology infrastructure is the core enabler to the next generation of the business. Today’s chief information officers, chief technology officers, and chief operation officers are taking a new approach by running their technology infrastructure as if it were a standalone business, a supportive, governing agency.

They provide their organization with access in a secure, simple, and reliable manner so that business units can consume whatever technology services they need at the time they need them, and only pay for services that they use, when they use them. Helping organizations achieve a cloud infrastructure that’s architected for the future—be it public, hybrid, or multi-cloud—is where Deloitte leads. Build it or buy it? We help engineer your possible by advising organizations on the right approach, implementing next-gen architectures and operating IT in the cloud.

Consequently, an organization can scale up or down to meet demand, harness greater computing power, improve reliability and performance, and stand up to cyber threats and regulatory scrutiny. IT is in every aspect of the business. Effective infrastructure operations are key to avoiding unnecessary risk and reducing cost.

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Cloud network and monitoring

Consolidating infrastructure and enabling state-of-the-art monitoring

Many enterprises are not considering the implications to their networks when moving to the cloud. It seems to be an afterthought and that leads to missed opportunities. Working with network carriers alone isn’t enough. Transitioning from a legacy network to a cloud-enabled infrastructure often means there’s opportunity for consolidation.

WAN and data center-centric network architectures typically require more assets and licenses than a cloud/mobile-centric architecture. We advise organizations on a hybrid WAN strategy, SD-WAN vendor selection, and evaluation of cloud connectivity solutions. Then we create a dynamic architecture that enables connectivity of server, storage, mainframe, and network with reduced cost in mind, confirming it enables and supports mobile users and IoT devices in a secure fashion—reason enough to upgrade a network.

Multi-cloud and hybrid cloud platforms can also be managed from one location, turning legacy management and monitoring solutions into a modern, predictive, and highly automated system. We can also assess whether cloud managed services and cloud brokerage solutions are right for organizational needs.

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IoT and edge computing

Managing data from mobile devices and sensors

Edge computing and the integration of it between private and public cloud from a network and security perspective is mission-critical if organizations are going to take advantage of insights that sensor data can provide to the business. Better agility is just one of the key reasons for pushing some processing closer to the devices that are the source of the data and that’s where edge processing and computing come into a play.

Several years ago, it was generally considered that much IoT functionality would be centralized in the cloud. Today, however, some analysts, such as IDC and Gartner, estimate that up to 40 or 55 percent of IoT data will soon be processed near the source of that data, either on the device or at the edge.2 Scale plays a big role in this thinking.

We help design an edge computing infrastructure that considers data aggregation from multiple endpoints, machine learning (ML) model training, global-scale device management, and back-office system integration. Data for IoT is present in almost every organization; it must be served up in a way that drives the business, while not burdening a data center or network because of the sheer size of it.

2 Michael Kanellos. “Edge or Cloud? The five factors that determine where to put workloads.” CloudTech. June 20, 2018.

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Security and directory services

Building a resilient and secure architecture

Protecting an organization and its customers from a cyberattack is top of mind for every executive, but inside threats such as compliance breaches or policy missteps can be equally damaging. The business’ infrastructure needs to be resilient and secure to effectively manage the internal and external risks that are both known and unknown.

Our cyber professionals can help organizations connect the dots by identifying anomalies to anticipate potential cyber-attacks and help enable seamless, uninterrupted access. Directory services are often central to the security design of a network. We’ll help advance an always-on enterprise by aligning organizational elements to a zero-downtime expectation. We’ll cultivate resiliency while helping to reduce costs through rapidly provisioned solutions. Finally, we’ll help your organization improve return on risk management investments that align spend to actual disruptive events.

Mitigating risk is part of Deloitte’s heritage. Research firm Gartner positioned Deloitte first globally in Security Consulting Services, based on revenue.3 We address regulatory and business risks as well as cybersecurity—all to help achieve a business’ security goals.

3 Gartner. “Market Share: Security Consulting Services, Worldwide, 2017.” July 2018.

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People-centered operations

Supporting ongoing workloads effectively

To support IT operations in cloud, we design and build architecture and engineering solutions that help manage and monitor private, public, and hybrid cloud environments. Creating a cloud center of excellence helps minimize infrastructure costs with centralized vendor contracts and allows for standardization and governance for the organization that lessens friction.

Workloads can become more efficient with a new cloud operating model that uses DevOps and microservices to scale efforts up and down effectively. And security, a mission-critical effort, is closely held by experts within the IT department. Business units get the tools, infrastructure, and foundational services they need to be able to succeed in implementing new cloud-based applications and that helps accelerate time to value.

If IT wants to accelerate cloud adoption across an organization, people-centered operations will be at the heart of cloud strategy. It’s not just about the technology. Deloitte thinks of transformation holistically. In the end, we can turn operations over, or manage them via cloud managed services.

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Case study

Infrastructure reimagined

As envisioned and engineered by Deloitte, cloud is about delivering computing power and agility to tap the full potential of technologies, data, people, operations, and markets. It’s about bringing business and tech together to function efficiently, tailored for your organization. See what we did for this financial technology giant that saved millions of dollars in funding that was previously budgeted to maintain its on-premise environments, while enhancing their customer experience.

Our latest thinking

Why Deloitte?

Deloitte is specifically positioned to help companies define the desired business outcome; identify the gaps to get there; recommend the hardware, software, and/or cloud strategies to solve it; and then design an infrastructure that is sustainable and scales for the future. Implementations are done in sprints, and day-to-day operations are largely unaffected. We architect and engineer workloads for the future.

Our cloud offerings fuse Deloitte’s trusted business acumen with extensive tech services to modernize and transform operations. We lead with people-centered design, ensuring workforces can not only adopt, but also embrace the capabilities of cloud. Our developers relish their challenges and Deloitte’s approach, which helps us maintain talent at a time where this type of talent is in high demand.

With Deloitte, cloud is an opportunity to reimagine business. It’s a catalyst for continuous reinvention and the pathway to confidently discover what’s possible and make it actual. It all starts with a sound cloud infrastructure. Your business transformation can’t wait.

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Alliances to help propel business forward

Our relationships with cloud computing giants and disruptors make productive alliances possible. Our reach into the cloud ecosystem is extensive. We leverage our network of alliances and ecosystem players to help organizations scale exponentially and realize the value that a cloud infrastructure offers.

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