Cloud Strategy

Envision your possible

Your journey to cloud must navigate pitfalls and opportunities that are unique to your business. That makes plotting out a clear strategy and preparing your organization essential to achieving your business goals.

Bring your strategy to life

Your cloud computing strategy must address business imperatives and opportunities that are specific to your industry, your business, and your team’s requirements. It’s about mapping a path of continuous transformation that is as singular as your company—and that sets the stage for the company you intend to become. Our Cloud Strategy and Readiness offering involves five key capabilities.

Cloud assessment

Assess the current state and accelerate cloud adoption

What are other organizations doing to accelerate cloud adoption? While there’s no one size fits all, there are best practices. Before embarking on a major, enterprise-wide technology transformation, it is critical to understand where your company is and how such a change is expected to impact the organization and its financials. Many organizations have already started their cloud journey and have tested the concepts through various pilots but struggle to scale it in a repeatable manner.

That’s why our cloud strategy services use a range of assessment tools and techniques across eight dimensions like detailing organizational processes, identifying affected technology infrastructures and applications, and assessing security policies and controls—everything that might encompass a cloud migration or implementation. In the end, we capture the current state, demonstrate the key gaps, and help identify specific actions that can help address the issues.

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Understand the benefits and costs of a move to cloud with Deloitte’s Cloud Value Calculator.

Cloud business case and economics

Drive cloud financial management and spend transparency

Moving your organization to cloud is an investment in new technologies, operating models, and business processes. This isn’t just a technology plan, it’s a business case. Often organizations assess like-for-like usage between existing on-premises environments and cloud, but that can be misleading. Our business case takes on an economical mindset that looks at both cost savings around infrastructure, licensing, and real estate, as well as where additional capabilities and gains might be achieved, such as operating model optimization, speed-to-market, and innovation.

We design it with business outcomes in mind, analyze any tax implications, and detail one-time investments. We also address ongoing costs—setting up the right governance mechanisms and financial management processes to manage future cloud spend and align your organization’s service charge-backs.

If you already have a cloud business case, our cloud financial management team can help you identify mechanisms to optimize your cloud spend and drive increased return of investment. We help organizations build cloud performance and financial dashboards to drive transparency of cloud spend.

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Cloud operating model

Design a cloud operating model for better human experiences

Traditional operating models tend to stumble in this new fast-paced world. That’s because many organizations buy into the fallacy that technology can fix everything. In reality, effective cloud operating models are multi-disciplinary and dependent on people and processes. We design for a better human experience by using innovative Op Model diagnostic tools to determine the best processes and workflows.

The idea is to enable business application teams with automated processes enabled by DevOps and clearly articulate responsibilities across all involved teams. Then we pilot it in your environment with your employees to get a sense of what works and what doesn’t before we recommend that target operating model that’s right for you and the path to implement it. As organizations embrace cloud, this creates the need for a multi-modal IT where people are able to adopt new technology along with the traditional technology and processes. Our operating model design addresses these specific challenges by using an iterative method and helps position you for long term success.

Our change management strategy also combines the strength of Deloitte’s Human Capital practice with our technology professionals to tailor a Cloud Operating Model to your organization’s unique needs. We assess your current skill profile against business strategy and known upcoming demand, identify training needs, and even look at employee incentives to see if they are in alignment. These are just a few reasons that led ALM Intelligence to name Deloitte as a global leader in Employee Experience Consulting.1

ALM Intelligence. Employee Experience Consulting 2017.

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Cloud adoption roadmap

Develop a roadmap with business outcomes in mind

The right implementation roadmap sets forth the plan for getting from the current state to what’s possible. It outlines the best cloud technology delivery model for your organization—public, private, multi cloud, or hybrid—and which vendors to consider. We can assist with cloud strategy questions, adoption planning, suitability assessments for migration, and application strategies using proprietary tools in our Cloud Workbench.

Then we develop a detailed implementation plan that addresses governance and security. Risk management is embedded in all we do. In fact, Gartner has listed our cyber security practice first in security consulting services worldwide for six years running.2

Major cloud vendors work with Deloitte because we live and breathe their cloud platforms and we develop unique client-specific cloud architectures with the flexibility to evolve. Executives choose us because we understand the greater cloud ecosystem and more importantly, where it’s headed. We can help navigate a continuously evolving vendor landscape and evaluate advanced cloud technologies, so you can make effective strategic decisions for your organization, today, and tomorrow.

2 Gartner. Market Share: Security Consulting Services, Worldwide, 2017.

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Cloud operations and services center

Support ongoing cloud workloads

To alleviate siloed cloud efforts, many leading companies are turning to a centralized cloud services center or cloud center of excellence. Business units get the tools, infrastructure, and foundational services they need to be successful in implementing new cloud-based applications and that accelerates time to value.

Our cloud strategy services professionals help design a cloud center of excellence where cloud efforts are continuously monitored and enhanced, building in controls and technologies to optimize financial and security protocols. In the end, the governance and oversight can help achieve business outcomes, address security and regulatory concerns, and provide the necessary infrastructure and guardrails companies need to scale efforts without causing friction and impacting speed of delivery. We can also create a program management strategy to support a successful cloud transformation or migration.

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Why Deloitte?

We fast track your possible with Deloitte Cloud Strategy Services to answer these tough questions and more.
  • How can we accelerate our path to cloud and scale it throughout the organization based on where we are today?
  • How do we ensure that all the required key performance indicators are tracked and reported on periodically to measure success against our roadmap and business case? 
  • How do we transform our operating model to ensure it is in sync with business priorities and objectives, while embracing multi-modal delivery?
  • How do we integrate self-service and automation with existing security policies, processes, and tools, and do we build a service center to support our new model?

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