Cloud Value Calculator

Understand the benefits and costs of a move to cloud

Executives can't be expected to take a leap of faith when it comes to cloud strategy. The Cloud Value Calculator provides rapid visibility into the identified high-level benefits of embarking on a cloud transformation.

A clear cloud assessment

The Cloud Value Calculator harnesses Deloitte's accumulated knowledge and experience in technology, human capital, and operational transformation to provide a clear understanding of cloud benefits and costs. The tool collects inputs from key stakeholders and then deploys custom algorithms to quantify the cost reduction, cost avoidance, and revenue enhancement that cloud can bring to your organization. It also outlines a clear approach to help capture those benefits and enumerates the investments in technology and people that will be involved along the way.

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The Cloud Value Calculator

Pinpointing your potential

The value of cloud for your organization depends on the specifics of your IT infrastructure, underlying financials, application portfolio, and business context. Understanding these dynamics is an important first step in developing a cloud strategy that can accelerate you along the path to value. We work closely with you to gather the data and stakeholder perspectives that reflect where you are today. With these inputs, the Cloud Value Calculator evaluates the gaps between your current state and your future opportunities to help optimize your infrastructure, increase staff productivity, and enhance business value.

Two models for cloud value assessment

Deloitte's Cloud Value Calculator provides two models to assess cloud value, each offering powerful outputs:

Rapid assessment: A two- to five-day immersion that provides high-level estimates of cloud financials to drive executive team discussions and frame an understanding of the complexity and effort necessary to launch a comprehensive cloud strategy effectively. Outputs include:

  • Core directional business case
  • Understanding of data and process requirements
  • Early assessment of required effort and scale

Comprehensive assessment: A four- to eight-week analysis that provides a detailed financial and operational understanding of the journey and opportunities that lie ahead, along with any remaining data gaps and the socialization needed for meaningful organizational transformation. Outputs include:

  • Cloud viability assessment
  • Granular insight into total cost of ownership
  • CIO and CFO dashboards for scenario simulation
  • Understanding of any remaining gaps in data

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-ALM Intelligence2


The Cloud Value Calculator is one tool among Deloitte's suite of end-to-end cloud services. For more insights and information about how Deloitte can help you imagine, deliver, and run your cloud strategy, please visit


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