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Setting the PACE for DevOps transformation

Leveraging secure DevOps to accelerate the journey to cloud

DevOps is fundamentally the only application development methodology that is truly cloud-native and cloud-specific. Using DevOps, organizations can become more agile and innovative, speed time to market, and deliver applications that improve customer satisfaction. However, many companies don’t fully understand what DevOps is and how to implement it. That must change.

Transformation at PACE

Implementing DevOps for software delivery is a transformation journey that offers speed, stability, quality, and security—and one that enables you to unburden legacy debt, reduce toil, and unlock new value from your existing assets.

Making the transition to DevOps means making four critical pivots: process, architecture, culture, and engineering (PACE). PACE helps you break down barriers by blending industry experience with engineering and culture.

Deloitte’s PACE methodology and DevOps Cloud Platform can help you accelerate and de-risk DevOps delivery.

Explore the methodology below:


Services—how we deliver PACE

An accelerated cloud journey

The Deloitte DevOps Cloud Platform

Key benefits of our approach to DevOps

We help you transform your application development processes into a driver of competitive advantage. Key benefits of our PACE methodology and service-delivery approach include:

  • Talent: Organizational talent integrated into smaller, autonomous teams blending software engineering and operational skills, with shared accountability for development and stable, secure operations.
  • SRE (site reliability engineering): Offers pragmatic new ways of working, enabling dramatic improvements in release cycles.
  • Automation: Automated application migration to the cloud.
  • Enhanced applications: Replatformed and refactored applications deliver nimble, scalable, and secure cloud-native microservices at enterprise scale.
  • Lower costs: The ability to operate using an automated, scalable, agnostic infrastructure—managed as code—offering lower total cost of ownership.
  • Security: A strong emphasis on security via a collaboration and integration with both organizational and cloud provider cybersecurity services (DevSecOps).
  • More value: Improved time to value and higher value realization that stems from an app-development methodology that functions with a product, not a project, mentality, which helps you develop and maintain a competitive advantage.

Why Deloitte

The move to cloud is a long journey and a continuous learning experience. Deloitte Cloud tailors our comprehensive suite of services to each company’s specific needs based on where they are in the cloud journey. With more than 20,000 cloud practitioners and 26 delivery centers across the globe, no competitor can match the sheer resources and reputation Deloitte brings to cloud transformation. Thousands of professionals, global resources for migrating and developing, the ability to test solutions in our digital and cloud studios, and perennial leadership accolades, including being named a Google Partner of the Year in 2018 and 2019. It all adds up to client confidence in our ability to make their transformations happen.

The future for business and society is inseparable from technology, which makes the power of cloud essential. Deloitte Cloud is committed to being on the forefront of change; understanding how forces converge; and helping embrace, shape, and excel at what lies ahead. Let’s start a conversation.



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Jason McDonald

Jason McDonald

Managing Director | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Jay is a managing director with Deloitte Consulting LLP leading Deloitte’s Global Cloud DevOps practice with a focus on FSI (Financial Services Industry) and emerging technology services. Jay has 22 y... More

Bob Vuong

Bob Vuong

Principal | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Bob is a principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP in Deloitte's Cloud offering and serves as Co-Chair of the DevOps Cloud practice. He has more than 20 years of experience directly related to architectu... More

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