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Cloud Business Transformation

Revamp your cloud and transformation strategy

In a chaotic world, it’s crucial for organizations to have a strategy to build the resilience and innovation capabilities to thrive long-term. Leveraging cloud to enable digital transformation and to reimagine existing business value streams is a critical part of that strategy.

Unlocking the value of digital transformation

Despite the enormous promise of cloud to help companies digitally transform their business, many organizations have not realized the value they expected from their cloud investment. The causes are myriad, but an uncertain cloud transformation strategy, coupled with a disconnect between business and IT, is a likely culprit.

To compound the problem, newly disruptive forces such as remote work models, decreased revenues amid increased costs, higher customer expectations, and altered global supply chains have put massive pressure on most companies to accelerate digital business transformation efforts.


How we get it done

Our Cloud Business Transformation services for cloud business transformation are flexible, and our approach is focused on defining and meeting your unique needs. We understand your need for real experiences and practical use case simulations to help accelerate your journey to the cloud, as well as your desire to leverage emerging technology to address your specific business opportunities and challenges.

To help you meet your needs, we employ a series of industry-agnostic transformation patterns, as well as best-in-class frameworks, assets, and accelerators, to help you understand your specific issues and develop a road map to leverage cloud to create your customized, scalable digital business transformation solution. For example, Deloitte’s Cloud Experience Center provides real experiences and practical use case simulations to help you accelerate your journey to the cloud, craft solutions to complex problems, and leverage emerging technologies to address new opportunities.

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Key benefits

  • Driving business and product innovation: Increased speed to develop and launch new products and services to better serve existing and new segments of customers and their growing needs.
  • Enhancing business value: Improved cost efficiencies and margin by shifting from large capital tech expenditures to operational-based spending and driving operational efficiencies.
  • Accelerating the digital agenda: Use data- and insights-driven decisioning to prioritize the digital initiatives and improve collaboration between the various stakeholder groups.
  • Self-funding digital transformation: Leverage spend optimization and delivery transformation, as well as our consulting, tax, and audit capabilities and partner ecosystem plays, to reduce the cost of transformation, minimizing impact on BAU.

How we’re different

Deloitte’s Cloud Transformation services help you translate technology improvements into tangible business benefits and unlock greater value from your cloud business transformation journey. We bring to bear deep sector and tech experience with a business-led approach, and we couple that with global capabilities in cyber, tax, and audit. We also leverage relationships with hyperscalers such as GCP, AWS, and Azure to help you find the right mix of cloud providers, tools, and services to meet your unique needs.

Our exclusive group of innovative products and assets helps you quickly jump-start your cloud strategy journey. Further, we are cloud vendor–agnostic and believe in a best-for-you and fit-for-purpose target state when it comes to cloud. Our commitment is to speak the truth to you and work with cloud providers to build your unique future. Finally, we are willing to coinvest and sign up for defined outcomes under creative deal constructs that align our vision to yours.

With our help, you can build a new world in which you leverage technology to achieve significant business benefits from digital transformation to build a more secure, resilient future.

Deloitte’s Cloud Garage team can help you ignite new business capabilities.

Our agile team of forward-thinking designers and developers can transform powerful business ideas into working prototypes in as little as eight weeks, allowing you to test the technical feasibility of new ideas, drive internal socialization, and gauge customer feedback.

With Cloud Garage, you can tap into our Innovation Engine to explore cloud-enabled capabilities with our team so you can imagine your digital future and align your vision with business goals. We collaborate iteratively with you to strategize on implementation and scale your vision to the enterprise.

Why Deloitte?

Cloud business transformation is a long journey and a continuous learning experience. Deloitte Cloud tailors our comprehensive suite of services to each company’s specific needs based on where they are in their cloud journey.

With more than 20,000 cloud practitioners and 26 delivery centers around the globe, Deloitte brings unmatched resources and reputation to cloud transformation services. Thousands of professionals, global resources for migrating and developing, the ability to test solutions in our digital and cloud studios, and perennial leadership and industry analyst accolades. It all adds up to client confidence in our ability to make their transformations happen.

The future of business and society is inseparable from technology, which makes the power of cloud essential. Deloitte Cloud is committed to being on the forefront of change, understanding how forces converge and helping embrace, shape, and excel at what lies ahead. Let’s start a conversation.

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Nicholas Merizzi

Nicholas Merizzi

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Brian Campbell

Principal | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Brian is a principal in Deloitte Consulting’s Strategy practice. Brian specializes in growth strategy, go-to-market strategy, business model transformation, and digital transformation with a focus on ... More

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