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Deloitte Cloud Resiliency and Growth Services

Create efficiencies, enable growth and emerge stronger with cloud

Deloitte’s Cloud Resiliency and Growth Services can help your organization create efficiencies and develop flexibility while driving growth via new cloud-enabled capabilities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic effect on people’s personal and business lives. Economically, the crisis has brought with it market volatility, reduced interest rates, loss of revenue, and the urgent need for many companies to change how they engage with customers and employees.

Navigating the world remade by COVID-19 challenges business leaders to find the right path forward—one that enables their business to respond, recover, and thrive within a rapidly changing and still-uncertain future.

Having responded to the initial crisis, many organizations are now turning their attention toward recovery—a phase that should focus not only on reducing costs, but on developing capabilities that will help the business thrive beyond the crisis. Building upon lessons learned over the past few months, organizations now have an opportunity to prepare for the “new normal” by:

  • Recalibrating resources, expenses, and security
  • Identifying savings and efficiencies within their technology portfolio
  • Adopting new technologies and improving process operations

By addressing these areas, business leaders can help position their organizations to emerge stronger and more resilient throughout this period of economic instability.

Deloitte can help by offering alternative engagement models including outcome-based fees, deferred billing, sale/lease back, asset purchase, managed service, consumption based, value-based billing, and eco-system alliance credits and investments.

By linking fees to realized savings, our team can design engagements that are mindful of taxes and expenses with minimal upfront investment. We can then immediately bring to bear an ecosystem of mature offerings, collaborations, and the implementation experience to affect meaningful change for your organization and your customers.

Deal structure and terms can be aligned to meet your needs and may include:

Why Deloitte

Our services are based on your business environment and designed to fit your organization. We are here to help address your pressing issues in real time, working alongside your team every step of the way. We bring significant industry and risk experience; deep relationships with cloud providers and leading cybersecurity vendors; years of working with cloud environments, technologies, and architectures; and experience working with enterprises across stages of their cloud journeys. As a leading cyber consultancy, our cyber services are embedded in our DNA—as more than technology and security challenges; this mentality combined with our cloud acumen enables us to help build more resilient organizations poised for sustained success. From strategy to implementation to operations, we help manage an end-to-end transformation to cloud or focus on specific needs.

Cloud Growth and Resiliency Services

Enhancing your enterprise IT: Four things you can do today to help bring about a successful post-COVID-19 recovery

Over the past two decades, we’ve encountered economic downturns, natural disasters, and terrorist attacks. Now, we can add a global health crisis to that list.  And while all these events bring hardship and heartache, there are nevertheless lessons for the business community to apply to its response and recovery.

Our latest thinking

Let’s talk

Interested in learning more about moving from response to recovery—and positioning your organization to thrive in this time of historic change?  Contact us.

Akash Tayal

Akash Tayal

Cloud Engineering Offering Leader

Akash Tayal leads the Cloud Engineering practice of Deloitte Consulting. He has more than 21 of years of experience with software engineering and business process consulting across multiple industries... More

Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas

Principal | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Chris is a principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP and is Deloitte’s US Cloud Leader. He has over 20 years of strategy consulting and hands-on transformation experience in the cloud and core technology d... More

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