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Creating a pathway to insights

Deloitte's Deliver Information offering helps enable our clients to manage their information supply chain from ingestion and storage right up to accessing the data at points of impact by modernizing and enabling new capabilities.

Get the most value out of your information assets

Deloitte's Deliver Information offering helps enable you to get the most value from your information assets by managing the complete data supply chain, while maintaining the governance, control, and security required for your most business-critical information assets.

Our subofferings include:

  • Data Ingestion: Acquire and cleanse structured and unstructured data in batch and real-time and near-real-time velocity from an array of internal and external sources
  • Data Warehousing, Data Lakes, and In-memory: Data stores and repositories to aggregate, enrich, process, and efficiently supply clean data for analytical purposes, unconstrained by structure, to address key business issues or identify new business opportunities
  • Brokerages and Exchanges: Collect, aggregate, and enrich information from a wide range of sources for distribution as single version of the truth for internal or external consumption
  • Signal Detection and Processing: Deliver descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytical insights as reports, ad hoc queries, dashboards for operational management reporting at enterprise scale
  • Business Intelligence Applications: Deliver descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytical insights as reports, ad hoc queries, and dashboards for operational and management reporting at enterprise scale
  • Visualization and Data Discovery: Provide tools to make complex information and data sets understandable through rich visual formats that are insightful and actionable

How can we help transform data into actions?

Deloitte can help your organization transform data into information, information into insight, insight into decisions, and decisions into actions. Think of us as the stewards of your journey to providing your organization with practical insights to inform your approach to the real business challenges you encounter every day—fast. We can provide the experience to suggest the most impactful platforms for visualization, data management, and analytics—meeting your unique governance and delivery requirements.

Being able to find and explore the right data is the key to gaining the advantage and transforming into an insight-driven organization. Deloitte can help you understand and find the best option to present your data—whether that is as an analytical dashboard, interactive report, rich visualization, or beyond.

Case Study

Challenge/Opportunity: A multinational power management company was facing numerous challenges with its data, including siloed data, high infrastructure costs, lack of data governance, lack of policies with respect to privacy, and data security.

Solution: The Deloitte team used market-leading techniques to design and implement an enterprise architecture, which included an operational data hub and targeted, domain-focused Master Data programs for Supplier, Customer, and Product. Design thinking with Deloitte's Viz Studio was employed to develop and pilot a Customer Analytics solution for its Sales and Marketing executives.

Impact: As a result of this engagement, Deloitte provided a unified enterprise view of the data through a next-generation information management architecture consistent data model across the business and streamlined data integration processes. Data quality was improved and master data hierarchies were standardized.


Potential Deloitte Benefits

  • Information Accessibility: Develop capabilities to validate, integrate, transform, and standardize data
  • Simplification: Collect, aggregate, and enrich information from a wide range of sources to establish single source of truth
  • Modernization: Help enable faster and more efficient business intelligence solution implementation by leveraging sophisticated and in-house methods, tools, and accelerators
  • Cost Reduction: Help eliminate redundancies, redesign systems to increase efficiency, and reduce costs
  • Scalability: Select the right set of tools and solutions to rapidly scale insights across the organization

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