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Shape Strategy

Laying the foundation for success

The exponential rate of technological progress and growth of data has created opportunities for you to run businesses better, faster, and more cost effectively. However, the increasing pace of progress has also led to unprecedented levels of disruption and uncertainty. Our Shape Strategy offering is a pathway to transformation, giving you a compelling view of the future of analytics for your organization.

Shaping strategy for your business is about getting ready for the future

Shaping Strategy for Analytics + Information Management focuses on laying a strong foundation for your business and prepares you for growing business needs, changing markets, and making timely informed decisions. We offer various services around strategy to help you define your organization's analytics and information management strategy.

Our subofferings include:

  • Strategic Road Maps and Target Architecture: Assess strategic and tactical options to address key data and analytics issues, risks, and opportunities, outlining target state enablers, road map priorities, talent demands, investments, and returns
  • Innovation and Disruptive Advantage: Exploit innovation, new techniques, and exponential technologies, such as Big Data, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Crowd Sourcing, for competitive advantage and operational efficiency
  • Data Monetization: Identify and implement opportunities to commercially exploit an institution’s data assets to establish new revenue streams individually or as part of a broader ecosystem of partnerships
  • Black Ops and Risk/Reward Ventures: Special programs to define new business models, products, and services for growth and efficiency, which may also include new entities, subsidiary businesses, and shared risk/reward partnerships
  • Cybersecurity: Data-driven strategies and architectures for detection, prevention, and response to cybersecurity threats and weaknesses, utilizing proprietary methods
  • Data Science Studies: Rapidly test hypotheses, visually explore data, and assess strengths/weaknesses of insights to enable more informed decision-making and benefits, and prove our implementation plans

How can we help shape the Analytics and Information Management strategy for you?

The first question that clients usually ask us is "How can I predict what will happen tomorrow?"

At Deloitte, we use demonstrated and repeatable frameworks to help increase the speed of information flow and transparency across an organization, leading to better decision-making. Anticipating tomorrow's complex issues and new strategies is a challenge. At Deloitte, we offer game-changing analytics materials of how leading organizations are leveraging analytics to address their most complex business questions, as well as practical guidance about analytics methods, tools, technologies, and more.

Next, the clients ask "How can I align both business and technology with all the needs?"

We perform detailed stakeholder identification analysis to develop adoption campaigns. We bring our technical experience, as well as our business perspective, to empower analytics advocates to garner support from key stakeholders and sustain adoption and expand analytics across the organization.

We create user personas and journey map to help define key roles within your organization – their business needs, pain points, and desires to identify insight into your data and the analytics needed to enable data-driven decision-making. We help you define the strategy for establishing Analytics Centers of Excellence to drive your analytics strategy and assess your analytics maturity through the expansion of incorporating analytics-leading practices and building resource capabilities.

Case Study

Challenge/Opportunity: One of the leading Media/Telecom clients was facing an issue with declining revenue as a majority of its customers were opting for a different plan. This resulted in the client creating custom offers for customers that were mostly believed to be negative net present value (NPVs).

Solution: Deloitte stepped in and launched an agile, predictive multivariate modeling to help create foundational analytic capabilities of Adaptive Customer Profiling, and matched the customer micro audiences with the right offer via the right channel at the right time (Dynamic Offer Effectiveness) to lead to tangible business value. We leveraged the existing IT infrastructure to reduce the setup cost and increase overall return on investment.

Impact: The client was able to create a dynamic event and behavioral pattern-based 360-degree view of the customer that is updated frequently to reflect changing behaviors and new events that helped them identify more than $50M of accretive value by focusing on attrition retention and increasing upsell/cross-sell. Based on the information we collected, we were able to make recommendations that focus not only on "where money can be made," but also on "where money can be saved," thereby increasing the overall return on investment (ROI) of the marketing investments.

Potential Deloitte Benefits

  • Prioritization: We prioritize business challenges and discover the underlying questions to solve and hypotheses to test and leverage products, partnerships, and exponential enablers to fast track the path on your transformational journey.
  • Stakeholder Alignment: We develop a pathway to restructure markets and industries using platforms to bring people together and mobilize large ecosystems with positive incentives by creating a compelling view of the future.
  • New Revenue Streams: We inspire a culture of innovation and creativity that uncovers how to use exponential technologies to transform your business and generate new business offerings and revenue sources to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Ecosystem Value: We can accelerate business insight through a comprehensive-managed analytics solution that provides faster access to critical business information.
  • Competitive Agility and Protection: We understand the nature of disruptive exponential forces and its impact on the market, including the urgency to innovate and provide a holistic view of insider threats and cyber risk by correlating indicators across the enterprise.

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