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The exponential rate of change demands a new approach to managing environments

Organizations find it increasingly challenging to scale and pivot their IT infrastructure and environments to keep pace with the rapidly changing technology and business conditions. Deloitte's Manage Environments service offering provides a collection of as-a-service offerings that enable clients to rapidly develop information-driven solutions that support and improve business operations and inform decision-making.

Why is Manage Environments the right option for you?

Deloitte's Manage Environments service offering allows you to focus on your core competencies and business goals, instead of worrying about maintaining your IT environments. Stable and consistently performing environments can help meet your needs, including the option to rapidly scale to meet expanding demand or new requirements. Accelerated platform setup and deployment and reduced costs are often among the benefits of this offering by Deloitte.

Our subofferings include:

  • Platform As-a-Service: A managed environment that can be used to support the rapid development, deployment, and management of your critical analytics and information management applications
  • Infrastructure As-a-Service: Support end-user operations and workflow with computing, storage, networking, and multitenant capabilities in a flexible and scalable environment
  • Data As-a-Service: Availability to your securely managed business-critical data and curated third-party data from secondary sources as required across geographies
  • Information Delivery As-a-Service: Design, build, and delivery of business information by generating reports and dashboards, or search for meaning through ad hoc queries and data discovery services
  • Performance Management As-a-Service: Manage your core financial planning and analysis activities through a common platform and tool set, and automate management report distribution
  • Advanced Analytics As-a-Service: On-demand advanced analytics tools with capabilities for text analytics, predictive modeling, machine learning, cognitive, and applied analytics

How can we help you identify the right approach?

Deloitte has deep industry experience in managing environments to suit various needs. Using our industry-leading practices and solutions, we help identify and implement the right approach for you. You can leverage our reliable and dedicated hardware resources provisioned based on your requirements, as well as a full ecosystem of data applications supporting advanced analytic and reporting capabilities. We can accelerate delivery, help you reduce risk and costs, and help you become more nimble and robust, allowing you to focus on things that matter for your business.  

Case Study

Challenge/Opportunity: A multinational biopharmaceutical company was constrained with poor analytical capabilities. The volume, variety, and velocity of biological data generation had superseded its ability to utilize its current informatics tools. The client recognized that advances in analytics, computational tools, and data platforms, combined with new and existing data sources, would create new ways to gain biologic insights and accelerate research efforts.

Solution: Deloitte deployed a proof-of-concept tool to aggregate and analyze the client's clinical trial data. The proof-of-concept led to a full-suite implementation of a cloud-based information integration platform that delivers relevant insights and data on demand to researchers through extensible analytics and visualization tools accessible in a user-friendly interface.

Impact: With the help of Deloitte, the client was able to increase the utilization of biobank samples to advance research and decrease costs by leveraging managed analytics platform.

Potential Deloitte Benefits

  • Capability and Skills: We deliver a full portfolio of big data technology services staged on a managed and stable infrastructure. We also support and configure a suite of integrated tools for data ingestion, data storage, data calculation, analytics, and visualization, complete with operating system and security products
  • Intellectual Property (IP) and Solutions: We provide a complete stack of development and deployment tools via a Web browser and container environment and manage delivery maintaining high availability and redundancy for all platform components to satisfy availability of service-level agreements
  • Lead Time: We offer a suite of analytics solutions configurable to your needs, to help answer the most important and value-add questions to your business. We develop proofs-of-value (POV), using explicit use cases, in robust ecosystems for rapid industrialization post POV
  • Cost Efficiency: We can accelerate platform setup and deployment and perform rapid scalability of current services and environments to meet expanding demand or new requirements, which can result in total cost of ownership and IT investment cost reduction
  • Flexibility: We enable investment and service flexibility that enables business reactions to changing internal demands or external influences
  • Supportability: We support secure access to business-critical data on demand across all locations and access requirements. We provide a stable and high-availability environment for staging and curating data with consistently managing metadata and data definitions
  • Scalability: We deliver a range of analytics solutions to help answer the most important and value-add questions for your business. We also support the operation and scaling of services provided to meet demand and enable business operations

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