Andrew Adams

Strategy & Analytics, Disruptive Tech Strategy

Principal | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Andrew Adams

555 Mission Street

Suite 1400

San Francisco


United States


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Andrew Adams is a Principal in Deloitte’s Strategy Practice and serves on the leadership team of the Firm’s Technology Strategy & Business Transformation Practice.

Andrew helps clients better understand and leverage the wide range of emergent, disruptive technologies, such as Cloud, AI / ML, 5G and IoT among others, that are reshaping entire industries. He regularly advises clients on technological disruption, innovation and new business incubation, organic growth, new markets and strategic transformations.  Andrew has deep experience in the consumer, industrial, automotive and technology/ media industries.

Andrew is also a leader in Deloitte’s Chief Executive Officer Program, which works with CEOs to help architect their success and that of the organizations they lead.  He regularly contributes to CEO-related eminence, advises CEOs directly and works with first-time CEOs on their transition into the role.

Andrew is also the lead author on multiple Deloitte eminence pieces, including, Disruptive Cloud Strategies (Deloitte), Why Cloud Is On the Board’s Agenda (Wall Street Journal) and Why Technology Is the Strategic Issue of Our Time, and What CEOs Need to Do About It (Deloitte).

Andrew Adams